Friday, May 20, 2011

No one is this stupid. So, it must be purposeful.

The P-BO took to air waves…again…and …again…he proved what a colossal dumb@$$ he is. He talked of the “Arab spring” as a democracy movement or freedom movement. It might be just that, but the school is till out on exactly what is. We may have traded a friendly tyrant for unfriendly mob.

Signs in Egypt so far aren’t that good. The current party in power is rounding up the old party in power and scheduling Soviet style purge trials. Then there’s this bit that cannot be encouraging to those professing the “Arab spring” is all about freedom. Not long ago, the “new government” came up with laws that would make it a crime, “for anyone who organizes a protest or an activity which may result in preventing or slowing down the work of a state institution, a general authority or a public or private workplace.” Hmmm. “New government” same as the old government?

The supporters of freedom and democracy in Egypt aren’t really interested in freedom for all. Shouting, “With our blood and soul, we will defend you, Islam,” a mob, what the P-BO would describe as “freedom fighters” I suppose, stormed a Coptic Church and burned it the ground. Then, if that weren’t bad enough, the “Arab spring” turned into an Islamo-Terror- Fascist nightmarish hell when the freedom loving crowd turned its attention on a Coptic neighborhood. The result was 12 dead. And don’t forget the freedom these animals thought that they won when they raped the CBS news correspondent in the crowd.

“Arab spring” my ever growing @$$. As always, the Arab demonstrations of “freedom” are more like demonstrations of perpetual rage with any thing and any one who doesn’t bow to Islam. F#$k the Arab spring.

But that doesn’t even begin to touch on it. What you suppose will happen if and when the “Arab spring” reaches Saudi Arabia? Ha. 6$ gas will be something we hope for. This is another problem with the P-BO. I don’t think he has clue that this Arab spring BS is as likely as not being sponsored by the jihadis.

Or maybe he does. When a real democracy riot broke out in Tehran the Supreme Dope raised his nose in the air and ignored it. But when the Iranians set things in motion in Egypt, an ally of stability, the P-BO says Mubarak must stay uh, I mean Mubarak must go!

The P-BO goes on and on about freedom and the BS notion of an “Arab spring,” right before taking a huge crap on the ONE country in the entire region that is actually “living the dream,” Israel. Does that make any sense to anyone but creepy Europeans and jihadis who have been after Israel since it was conceived?

The P-BO:

Lemee be clear, we’re all for freedom and democracy except for the one country in the region that practices it. Israel must sign its own death warrant and return to the 1967 borders.

I-D-I-O-T! If were not so deadly serious a situation, I’d encourage Israel to take the deal just to show this ignorant buffoon what would happen. Would there be joy and peace throughout the Middle East. Hell NO! The jackals would just move closer, tighten their grip and at some point attack. Then Israel would annihilate them, and be condemned in the UN for winning the war the Arabs started. After all isn’t that how we got to where we are? Israel won the 67 and 73 wars.

And if anyone out there thinks the Arabs give a crap about the Palestinians, get a clue. How easy would it have been for the Arabs to get together and set something up for their “Arab brothers” if they really gave a crap? They don’t. The only thing Palestinians are good for the majority of Arabs is drive a cab, clean up after their lazy @$$ off-spring and provide an excuse to attack Israel.

The west has been at war with Islam since time began. It’s time the Dunderhead-in-Chief read a bit history and get a clue.

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