Monday, May 09, 2011

Local fish wrap gets braodside from Lex

On Saturday’s, the local fish wrap runs a “Weekly Score Card." In that section the paper rates winners, losers and milestones. In last Saturday’s installment of “winners” the boobs at the Ft. Wayne Journal (pronounced Urinal) Gazette had this nice bit:

President Obama: Nearly flawless raid not only eliminates Osama bin Laden but also restores confidence in U.S. military and spy apparatus.

What line of BS. Aside from OKing the operation, P-BO had NOTHING to do with the actual raid.

In “losers” section, the small minds at Urinal Gazette went on to treat a State Sen in a shabby manner:

Sen. Mike Delph: Indiana lawmaker and anti-immigration bill sponsor fails state bar exam. Must be his law professors’ fault.

I suppose by "anti-immigration bill sponsor" the JG means "anti-illegal immigration."  Having had enough, Lex delayed the much needed yard work to fire off this reply:

Winners and losers:


The American military. Contrary to your article in Saturday’s paper, most Americans never lost "confidence" in their military. Perhaps the largest group of Americans who needed their “confidence” in our military “restored” are “journalists” who lock themselves in editorial rooms with nothing but like mined people.

Military Officers. In Gallup’s 2010 Honesty and Ethics Ratings, Military Officer came in #1 with 73% of respondents rating Military Officers high to very high in honesty and ethics.


Newspaper Journalist. In the same poll, newspaper journalist came in at #8 in a field of 10 with a pathetic 22% rating. So who do the American people have more “confidence” in? Which profession needs more “restoring?”

JFK Jr. Liberal icon JFK Jr. failed the NY bar exam TWICE. Using that as a standard, Sen Mike Delph is doing just fine. The JG’s petty treatment of Sen Delph may provide insight as to why Americans correctly have such low regard for newspaper journalists.

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