Tuesday, May 03, 2011

The sounds of silence

Why do I hear the crickets chirping this morning? Oh, that’s the absence of the Liberal loony left war protesters. The heretofore “this war is lost” crowd has gone eerily silent since the P-BO took over and then reneged on his promise to close Guantanamo, leave Iraq in a year and turn the fight in Afghanistan over to Afghanis. Instead he started a new war with Libya that is lasting more than a few days and has quickly devolved into a stalemate.

And after killing UBL, where is the hue and cry about how “we’re only making more terrorist?” Did you happen to see the mob in Pakistan yesterday? It would appear that the P-BO has created a great many more jihadis. But hey why would the loony left complain about that now? After all it’s the P-BO running the show now. So, all of this has to be OK. Right? A community organizer would never assassinate a leader outside the international law. Would he? Everything has to be A-OK since its now a lefty doing the exact same things GWB was doing.

The loony left has also shut the hell up about the cost of gasoline. Now that the P-BO is running things the loons instantly understand gas prices fluctuate at the hands of a couple of dozen big oil producers and speculators. So now that a gallon of gasoline is as expensive as it’s ever been, the loony left talks sacrifice and buying a worthless hybrid.

Seems everything that the left used to scream bloody murder about when GWB was running the show, war, gas prices, assassination, G’itmo, civility, torture, rendition, warrantless wire taps, drone strikes, deficits, debt ceilings, you name it are all perfectly OK now the P-BO is doing it.

So what are the whiners whining about these days? The high price of arugula at the whole foods market? Well they are upset with Beatification of Pope John Paul II. The same crowd that thought is was perfectly OK to give the P-BO a Nobel Peace Prize for essentially doing nothing more than being a live are now questioning the Beatification JPII. Why so soon? Wasn’t he head of the church during the media inspired hail of criticism of homosexual priests molesting boys?

Well yeah, and wasn’t he one of the three that sent the Soviet Union to ash bin of history?

Anyway, the lefties are sure of a 2012 victory now that Maximus P-BO has followed the path GWB laid out for him and gotten UBL. Political guru Joy Behar har dee har har har went so far as telling us we should cancel the 2012 election. It’s in the bag for Maximus the P-BO.

Before taking that victory lap, Dopes might drive by a gas station. A gallon was going for $4.30 in Ft. Wayne yesterday. They might stroll by the unemployment line where the national average remains well above the 8% figure Slow Joe J-O-B-S is a three letter word Biden promised it would peak if the stimulus were passed.

Remember Joy, GHWB won a war in 100 hours and was sent packing by the American people in favor of a smooth talking misogynist. Winston Churchill saved the England during WWII and was sent packing by the Brits. In land where about 70% of the people don’t know the vice president’s name, and can’t remember why we celebrate Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day, the joy of UBL’s death will long be forgotten when gas hit $4.50 a gallon.

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