Friday, May 27, 2011

Water, Libs and heroes

I’ve been battling rising water since about 1pm Wednesday afternoon. As it turns out, IN received more than 3.25 in about four hours on Wednesday and another 1.25 Thursday. That’s a Hoosier record.

I was up all night moving pumps and hoses in a heroic and successful effort to keep the torrent out of my basement.

The cause of the downpour is one of three things, 1) global warming 2) the Rapture  3) it could just be as Gunny Herman used to say, “You’ll have these things from time to time.”

It could be 1 or 2 depending on what church you attend.  I’m Catholic and don’t believe in the church of global warming, and I don’t think God will tell us when “the master will return.” I’m pretty sure we’re not supposed to know the date but rather simply be prepared for His return, whenever that might be. But I never once doubted “the Hermanator.” So I’m going with option three. You will have these things from time to time.

Anyhoo, the water’s about where I want it – in the pond. Just a bit more pumping today.

One more myth from the post under:

Lex HATES liberals

Wrong. I don’t know when and where liberalism got such a bad name or turned so hard left that it's now code for socialism or worse. Liberalism used to mean support for an expansion of freedoms. Somewhere, in my view, that got twisted into extra constitutional freedoms for some people, i.e. affirmative action, hate crimes legislation, etc. and constitutional suspension and less freedom for other people, i.e. gun control, Kelo, out law incandescent bulbs etc.

I don’t hate any true liberal. But they are hard to find these days. And I don’t like it when people who claim the liberal mantel trash this country. Scrawny Harry the land thief Reid should have had @$$ kicked by real liberals when he uttered his infamous, “This war is lost” line. Nobody on the left called the creepy little bastard out.

And it has nothing to with being anti-war. I would hope that we’re all anti-war as a starting position. But you cannot take a crap all over the troops in field who were sent there by the president under a veil of support from a congressional resolution - for pure political advantage.

That’s what that little SOB did, and in my mind he will always be in the Jane Fonda category for doing it. The same holds true for Richard Cranium Turdbin. These people are supposed to be leaders. Instead they’re talking like some middle aged blogger venting his frustrations on a page with his morning coffee. Hey, wait a minute….

The pope is anti-war. Ron Paul is anti-war. But they are not trashing the troops in the field. I don’t hate liberals. I don’t like punks like Reid and Turdbin who claim to speak for liberals and in process screw the troops and the country and get re-elected for doing it.

I don’t like to be lectured to by gasbag know nothings like AlGore about global warming, cooling, climate change or whatever the term of art is this morning. He’s an idiot and a hypocrite of the highest order. F – him.

I’d rather hear from Ed Bagley jr. Ed talks the talk and walks the walk. I don’t necessarily believe what he’s saying, and I’m not buying what he’s selling, but I can at least respect that he tries to live the life he’s telling us to live. That gross piece of excrement AlGore is fraud. Yet, he is the face of the liberal movement on climate. Come on. Not even liberals respect this buffoon.

Memorial Day is upon us.

Flags will be flow at half staff until noon (raised to the top briskly then lowered slowly), and then raised briskly to the top again at noon. Hopefully we can spend at least half the day recalling the true meaning of the holiday. Lest we forget:

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