Thursday, May 05, 2011

New day, another new story

It’s Thursday. Lemmesee. This will be the 5th iteration of how UBL was killed, none of them consistent with any of the others. Had these narcissists not been so eager to get out in front of the cameras and claim all the credit, they would not have created this problem.

First of all, on an operation as secretive as this, you really don’t have to say anything. “In the interest of keeping our methods and tactics secret, I really can’t answer that question.” That’s pretty much the extent of what needs to be said.

But the P-BO had to run to the camera and snatch up as much credit as humanly possible. Big mistake. The Pentagon should have given the first briefing. They are known to be able to keep their mouths shut. Let them set the tone.

An old Marine Corps adage goes, “first reports of combat are always inaccurate.” Knowing that, the Pentagon would have been prepared to say, “We are debriefing the team now. We will provide appropriate accurate information as it becomes available.”

But noooo. The commander-in-dope has to run out and glom onto all the credit for everything that HE did. You know what that tells us? It tells us that he’s a person not very comfortable in his own skin. He needs credit and constant ego stroking.

I believe GWB would have let the military handle the initial briefing and gone to bed. Only after accurate information had been gathered would he make a short address to Americans for the primary purpose to credit and thank the armed forces and remind Americans that the war on Islamo-Terror Fascists continues.

So what will the story be today? UBL was armed with a battery operated hot glue gun and his wife’s fingernail file. The P-BO himself fast roped into the compound and personally delivered the kill shot.

Now, for this picture business. I do not buy for one second that by releasing the picture we will inflame the Muslim world. Note to dope, they are already inflamed and have been since the Pope sent the Ottoman fleet to bottom of the bay at LePanto in 1571.

People predisposed to being pissed about UBL’s death aren’t going to get any more pissed if you put out a picture of his dead stinking rotting corpse. And for the record, I for one say the more gruesome the better. F-‘em.

If Islam were truly a religion of peace, we’d see Muslims all over the world dancing in the streets at the demise of a cowardly sack of crap, who corrupted their religion for his own use. They aren’t. Quite the opposite. The only people taking to streets are the ones’ promising retaliation.

What are we to make of that? We are to make of that, that the murdering @$$bag ITF creeps still control the religion of peace. Put the pictures out. Let ‘em take to the streets. Photograph them and build the library of ITF creeps that we will eventually have to kill. It’d be like playing whack a mole where all the moles come up at once. You could not miss.

Now, Reshard Mendenhall. If we needed another reason to cheer the Green Bay Packers for their Super Bowl win, RM gave it to us. With regard to 9-11, RM tweeted: “We’ll never know what really happened. I just have a hard time believing a plane could take a skyscraper down demolition style.” Of course a lot of the jock talkers are trying to run cover for this dumbass. He’s young. He got caught in the moment. He wishes he could get that one back.

The Steelers’ now have some creepy molester at QB and this moron at RB. Rumor has it that the Steelers are trying to get Rosie O to play offensive line to round out, so to speak, the freak show that is rapidly gathering in Pitts, PA. Too bad McVeigh got the needle. Steelers were looking hard at him as punt return guy.

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Anonymous said...

The lib press says P-BO showed decisive leadership in going after UBL. Well, we apparently have known since last August where UBL was living. The Seals built a duplicate compund and trained in it for months. Then P-BO makes the lonely decision? WTF? What took so long? He is still the Dither-In-Chief with the Ready-Aim, Ready-Aim, Ready-Aim Syndrome. Why did it take 8 months to get UBL to room temp?