Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Bush correctly declines the P-BO's invitation

The P-BO invited President Bush to attend an event at ground zero Thursday on the death of UBL. Bush declined. Why? I don’t know. A look at two speeches might give a clue though.

When Saddam Hussein was captured, the military made the announcement and gave the available details. President Bush addressed the nation later in the evening. His speech lasted less than three minutes. He used a pronoun referring to himself 4 times, twice to express his appreciation for the armed forces. Once to address the Iraqi people and once to address the American people.

When UBL was killed on Sunday, the announcement came from the P-BO himself in a 9 minute address. He made more than 20 references to himself. Most of the references were about how he ordered, directed, met with, made clear etc. etc.

Two absolute contrasts in leadership. Bush allows the guys who made the mission happen to announce the mission’s success and take credit for the action. Bush shows up later to congratulate the troops and deliver a message to Americans and Iraqis that the war will continue.

By contrast, the P-BO pushes everyone who actually had a hand in the operation out of the way in an effort to get to the microphone first. He then takes credit for operation and pretends as if it was his idea to make getting UBL a top priority of the CIA in the first place.

You can just hear that conversation.
CIA Dir:  The P-BO wants us to make getting UBL a top priority.
CIA Agent:  Who?
CIA Dir:  UBL, the guy who masterminded the 9-11 operations.
CIA Agent:  Oh, yeah, I had forgotten about him.
CIA Dir:  It's crystal clear thinking like putting UBL onto our "to do list" that makes the P-BO so special.

We know that the P-BO is a narcissistic BS artist. We just didn’t know how deep the vein of self love and aggrandizement went. Sunday we got a little bit better picture.

Bush made the right choice. By standing with him at ground zero Bush would only give the puny punk P-BO top cover. Until the P-BO apologized and admitted that he had been a complete lying dope about the war, G’itmo, intell gathering and a host of other things, were I bush, I’d refuse to stand anywhere near the boob.

More sounds of silence

P-BO is headed to ground zero to once again claim all the credit for killing UBL. Recall when Bush would so much as mention 9-11 and the Demo-Dopes would squeal like a stuck pig that he’s politicizing 9-11? Now it seems that when the Dopes actually do politicize 9-11, well it’s just okay dokay.

When the pictures of a dead UBL are published, some bright guy ought to juxtapose those pictures next to pictures of Lynndie England at Abu Ghraib with a caption “Who would you rather be?  More terrorists were killed in UBL’s house than were even hurt at Abu Ghraib.” How is it that the P-BO can kill a guy, no trial, no jury, no judge, no attorneys and the left says nothing or is cheering wildly in streets? A couple of kids pull a college frat prank at prison where no one was even injured and the left goes nuts demanding the SecDef’s head and prison sentences for the kids.

How it all really went down:

CIA Agent: We have determined with a high degree of certainty UBL’s hide out.

CIA Dir: Good. Go kill him.

CIA Agent: Uh, excuse me sir, shouldn’t the president be making that decision?

CIA Dir: Well yeah. But I honestly don’t know what decision he’ll make. He may not act now preferring for bump in the polls closer to the election and we may miss this opportunity.

CIA Agent: Well shouldn’t we at least ask?

CIA Dir: No.

CIA Agent: Why not?

CIA Dir: Look, I know that the P-BO is smart enough to take credit for for something he had no hand in if it’s successful. I’m not certain he’s smart enough to actually pull the trigger on this operation.

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