Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Myths about Lex

Lex is a homophobe.

Wrong. For the most part I couldn’t care less how consenting adults conduct themselves behind closed doors. I am a bit off-put by the in your face “We’re queer. We’re here. You must buy us a beer,” crowd. For my part, I always knew you here but didn’t necessarily know that you were queer. That was always fine with me. But if you need to stand on a stage and profess your sexuality to the world, have at it.

But Lex doesn’t support gay marriage or gays in the military. No. I do not. That has everything to do with recognizing a workable social order and good order and discipline in the military.

I believe that society should revolve a round marriage between one man and one woman. It’s worked for 5,000 years. Nothing else has. Why not go with preponderance of the evidence?

Military units are tricky things. If I could, I’d get men ages 18-21 to fill out the junior ranks of my combat arms units. I’d make them all the same race and religion from the same region of the country. If you could do that, why wouldn’t you? Don’t give me that diversity crap. In the military art, unit cohesiveness beats diversity like Jerry Lee Lewis beat the keys of his piano at a 60s Rock-n-Roll concert.

Lex thinks people who have, pay for or perform abortions are murderers:

Wrong. Lex thinks that abortion is tragedy. I do not presume to tell some poor young pregnant woman who sees no better way out of what she honestly believes to be a dire predicament that she is a murderer or even a sinner without redemption. She’s probably scared, confused, ignorant of the consequences and maybe a bit ashamed.

I think science is correcting the myth that as long as you catch it early, abortion doesn’t kill a child. I don’t think the federal government should be funding abortion in any way, either directly or by off setting other expenses at organizations like Planned un-Parenthood.

Well Lex certainly hates Muslims:

Wrong. I couldn’t care less about the mythical peace loving Muslim any more than I do about a Hindu. Where I draw the line on ANY religion is when that religion starts to kill innocent people in the name of their god. And when no one within that religion has the guts to stand up and shout, “What are you doing?” Then yeah, they need to be called to task.

My problem with Islam has nothing to do with what they believe but how they act. They blow things up, kill kids on school buses, shoot rockets indiscriminately into populated areas, gun people down etc. etc. And it’s been going on since I can remember.

I my view, the bigger problem for Islam than the atrocities committed in its name, is that NO ONE stands up to the jihadis and says loudly, clearly and without equivocation that their behavior is wrong. It always goes something like this: “Well of course CAIR abhors all violence. But you must understand that Israel occupied and starved our people…” So you really don’t abhor ALL violence then do you?

Lex cannot deny that he hates the P-BO:

Wrong. I think he’s a not very bright guy in so far over his inexperienced head that he hasn’t seen sunshine since about day two of his administration when he signed the “we’re going to close Gauntanamo” Exec Order without ever knowing how or when. There are endless examples of his inexperience, naivetĂ© and just wrong policy decisions. From his first, Guantanamo to “the cops acted stupidly” to most recent Israel must return to the 1967 borders, ah, did I say 67 borders? No, I didn’t. I said the 1967 borders as mutually agreed to by the Israelis and the Palestinians which won’t look anything like the 1967 borders. Don’t any of you in the press dare ask me why I brought 1967 up in the first place then. That’ll be racist.

Here’s what I know:

The P-BO had zero experience to qualify him to hold the office of POTUS. He himself said that his ONE qualification to hold the office, was running for the office.

He has surrounded himself with all kinds of questionable people: Bill Ayres, Van Jones, Jeremiah Wright etc. etc.

The press has given him a total pass on everything from those questionable relationships to his policies and the plethora of gaffs that would haunted Ronald Reagan or George Bush.

I do not hate the P-BO. I hate what he’s doing to the country.

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