Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's walk to work day

It’s Erff Day AKA Earth Day or is it Earthday?  WARNING:  Most of this “green energy” BS is extremely flammable.  The Chevy volt, wind turbines are both highly flammable.  Now solar panels are bursting into flames.   Check out this most appropriate Erff Day story from the - you cannot make this $h!t up - file.

Today you can expect a litany of self-important Dope pols and Hollywood swells jetting to and fro in private aircraft while encouraging the rest of us to bike, no make that, walk to work, after all making a bicycle requires a good bit of energy that cannot be generated by wind or solar sources, so walk t is.

The real jihadi threat to America
So, why are Western ISIS recruits risking being found out while traveling to Syria to join the jihad?  How long do you suppose it’ll be before some kid in Dearborn, MI decides it’s better to kill people in America than to be caught try to get into Syria?  I do not think it’ll be that long.

Not to worry though, DHS is on the case.  It’s monitoring American vets returning from fighting the jihadis from forming a militia here in the US.

The Shrilldabeast is in trouble
How do I know?  Well IMHO it’d be much better to be involved in a real scandal.  Say you got a US Ambassador and three others killed in a foreign country.  You could lie, obfuscate, blame the “fog of war” or a video while the MSM covered your fat azz.  What is happening now with the Shrilldabeast is she is becoming a mockable clown.

ASIDE:  Bill Gates doesn’t think “mockable” is a word.  There’s one of those squiggly redlines under it as I type.  Unlike The Empty Suit’s redlines, Bill’s don’t go away until you take some sort of action. 

 Real scandals involving Dopes do not interest the MSM in the slightest.  If they did TES, Susan Rice, the wad and the Shrilldabeast would be under indictment right now.  What the lapdog MSM cannot control is when a Dope becomes a caricature clown like oh so slow Joe jobs is a three letter word Biden.  With her Chipotle moment, the Scooby van, parking in a handicapped spot etc. Shrilldabeast is becoming a national punchline.
Expect her do something to get the spot light off her wide bottom.  She might consider getting caught in an affair with another woman.  Doing so would bring the Gaystopo to her aid forever as her unassailable attack dogs. Nobody messes with the Gaystopo.  Better to be under investigation in WI than have the Gaystopo ruining your life.  Every criticism would be labeled homophobic.

Nothing shuts people up faster than being called a racist or homophobe.  I'd advise the beast to cover both bases by engaging in a homosexual affair with a black woman who has a Hispanic surname.  No one, not even her slack jawed louse of a husband, would dare say a word.  

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From the Griffin...
I planted some trees over the weekend. Not because it was Earth Day Week. It was because I had some trees die and needed replaced. The deer and rabbits can do havoc to young trees. So I promise to kill some more deer and rabbits this fall. It helps save trees and we eat the meat. Happy Earth Day to all.