Thursday, April 16, 2015


Those Republicans are all losers.  If this is what a "winner" looks like, good for the losers.
The world’s best known lying pederast, Harry the roach Reid, called the field of GOP presidential contenders “losers.”   It’s really weird that the guy who was just pummeled by his homosexual boyfriend and now looks like Wily E. Coyote at the end of a Roadrunner cartoon is calling someone a “loser.”  As far as I know Mr. Roach, all the GOP contenders can still see out of both eyes.  So compared to you, Mr. Roach, that makes them look like…what?

Now, whenever a Republican candidate for dog catcher says something stupid, the lapdog MSM will run to every other Republican candidate running for every other office ask that repudiate that candidate (Think Todd Akin).  So the question of the day:  Will the lapdog MSM ask Godzilla in a pantsuit - the Shrilldabeast - to repudiate Harry the roach Reid?  Answer:  No.

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