Friday, April 17, 2015

Is it a baby? It depends if you count forward or back

Ron Paul demonstrated the weakness of the Dopes' position on the issue of abortion.  When asked about abortion, Paul would have none of it.  He rejected the lapdog MSM azzbag’s premise and asked, “Why don’t’ you ask Debbie Wasserman Schultz when life begins?”

When a reporter took Paul’s advice, Debbie blabbermouth Schultz could not or would not answer the question.   The closest the idiot came was saying that the decision was between a woman and her doctor.   Hmm, so according to DBS the day before a natural birth a “mother” and her doctor could kill the baby.  And do not say, “Well no doctor would ever do that.”  BS!  Two words, Kermit Gosnell.

DBS’s failure to answer the question is telling.  Because once these Dopes admit that at some point it’s a baby, as AlGore would say, the debate is over.   Even if the blabbermouth agreed with 90% of Americans that by the third trimester, it’s a baby, she’d have set the ball rolling for the demise of every Dope’s argument for abortion.  Once the blabbermouth agreed at some point it was a baby, she’d have open the door to the count back argument.  It’s easy to say it’s a blob at the beginning, it’s impossible to walk that decision back from birth.

Unlike most things discussed on this page, I’ve actually given this one some thought and gone full circle on it.  I started with the, “it’s a baby from the start position.”  Then went with the, “it’s just a blob of cells.”  Then I came back to, “it’s a baby from the start.”

When Lex jr. was born I could not square in my mind when he went from a “blob of cells” to a baby.  I could not walk him back day by day and say, “That’s it!  Right there!  He went from a baby to a blob.”  Then watch the ultrasound replay over and over like a football play on TV to convince me I’d discovered the answer.  Here’s the thing, neither can the Dopes.  Then if you consider the plot of the movie It’s a Wonderful Life, you have to wonder where we’d be had we not condoned the destruction of 50 million babies.  
Had the blabbermouth ceded the point that the 3rd trimester is definitely out, then Paul would say, so you can kill the baby on March 1st, but on March 2nd you cannot, because it’s a baby.  That’s weird and totally arbitrary.  So the Dopes are forced into defending the most extreme position on abortion.

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