Monday, April 27, 2015

Bruce Jenner's a Christian Republican

Bruce? Jenner claims to be a Christian, Republican who believes in the constitution.  All of that may be true.  At least true in the same sense that I claim that I’m on a diet while finishing off my 3rd bowl of ice cream with extra chocolate sauce and crushed Oreo topping at 9 o’clock in the evening.  I know what I’m supposed to do on a diet.  I just don’t do it.

Jenner may think he’s a Christian, but not in any sense that I understand faith.  What Jenner is doing to himself would be like obtaining a magnificent and priceless piece of art work and then going about touching it up with a $2 can of spray paint.  I do not believe that Jenner can believe in an all-knowing, caring, loving God who created him, but then think that the same God screwed up and gave him a Y chromosome when he clearly preferred another X.  

That does not mean I question for one second that Jenner sees himself as a woman.  I think Jenner actually believes that he’s a woman trapped in a man’s body.  I Know because I’m convinced that I am a 400 pound alcoholic trapped in the body of a moderately fat moderately sober man.  Left to my own whims and devices, lunch would consist of a bag of double stuffed Oreos, a family size bag of Lays chips all washed down with a couple of two liter bottles of cherry Coke.  Dinner would be a bottle of Maker’s washed down with a 12 pack of Guinness.

Were I ever to start fulfilling my whims and desires, I’d probably seek professional help, or, ever the practical one, Mrs. Lex would have me committed to an asylum.  It’s not healthy to allow yourself or the ones you love to go around acting like Superman just because they think that they are.  Hint.  They are NOT faster than a speeding bullet.  They CANNOT leap a tall building with a single bound.  They are NOT more powerful than a locomotive.  It would be crazy to allow them to walk around  thinking that they were.
Now I’m sure the LGBTQZTVCAO  think that I should be committed, not for my dietary fantasies, but rather for ever posting that I thought that the voluntary and unnecessary lopping off of body parts might be the outward manifestation of a mental disorder.  If I think I’m Superman, I’m crazy.  If I think I’m Wonder Woman, I’m perfectly sane and highly educated doctors start lopping off body parts.

As far as being a Republican, here’s the first test for Jenner.  If he expects to pay for the procedure himself, he just might be a Republican.  If after the procedure he goes about his life seeking no special favor or attention, he just might be a Republican.  I suspect Jenner is a Colin Powell Republican.  That would be the kind that never votes Republican, trashes the party at every opportunity and roots for the Dopes.  But yeah, sure, he’s a Republican as much as anyone who voted to confirm Loretta Lynch.

As for loving the constitution, of course he does.  That document is set up to provide protection for people like Jenner.  I truly hope Jenner finds peace, goes away quietly and takes his entire dysfunctional family with him.  For people who are famous simply for being famous, that is a most unlikely scenario.
Kollege campuses a mess

This poster was removed from Youngstown University.  Diversity on campus is a JOKE.
 These posters identifying by name the campus Young Republicans and Libertarians and accusing them of supporting a "rape culture" for inviting Christina Hoff Sommers to speak at Oberlin are, of course, protected speech. 
Nice piece by Kevin D. Williamson channeling a lot of what Lex has opined about college but in a much more thoughtful, readable and funny format here.
New Srilldabeast bumper sticker


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