Tuesday, April 21, 2015

TES opposes global warming because nothing else is required

Other than the fact that he is a complete dumbazz, why is it, do you suppose, The Empty Suit thinks global warming is the most serious threat facing the world today?  America is $18,000,000,000,000 in debt.  From ISIS to the Gaystopo, Christians are under fire across the globe, 31 just drown or beheaded by ISIS.  Iran has snookered TES and the pompous dumbazz he hired to negotiate a deal.  As a result, Iran continues to sprint to a nuclear bomb, which if achieved, it likely use somewhere.  ISIS is on the move in the Middle East and Africa.  He’s knee deep in enough domestic scandals any one of which would send a Republican jail for decades.  Yet TES believes global warming is the most serious threat facing the world.  Why?   

Never mind that TES is the biggest hypocrite on global warming since AlGore.  Even AlGore wouldn’t charter a separate flight for his fatazz wife – if there were another woman stupid enough to hang out with the fat bore – like TES does with taxpayer dollars and Air Force assets.  Don’t get me wrong, were I married to a hectoring nag like Moochele, I’d want her on a separate flight as well.  But I would not use taxpayer money nor claim to be fighting global warming while doing so.

The reason, Mr. & Mrs. America that TES is happy to focus on global warming while the world burns around him is because the only thing required of TES to be a warm-monger is to say he believes in global warming.  That’s it.  While the other crises require thought and action and entail risk, being a warm-monger requires nothing more than voicing concern.  Mission accomplished.  You can still send your fatazz hectoring nag of wife on a separate flight with a clear conscience.  It requires less effort than wearing one those pink pins that you put on your lapel to prove what a great person you are.  Or is it to show you oppose cancer? 

Warm-mongers are worse than folks who would rearrange the deckchair on the Titanic.  Those people actually accomplish something.  Warm-mongers want every else onboard a perfectly good ocean liner restricted to the lifeboats so they can get through the buffet line quicker.  They swear they have developed a computer model that proves without a doubt that a gaping hole in the side of the ship will develop any second.  As the ship chugs along hour after hour without incident, the warm-monger get more hysterical.  Anyone who gets out of the life boat and insists on going through the buffet line is “denier.” 

TES champions global warming while the world is on fire, because he’s a clueless dope.  I cannot put out the fire in the kitchen so I go cut grass.  No. Wait that requires effort.  While the kitchen burns, I look out the window with a cup of coffee in hand demand someone else get out there and cut the grass.  Funny thing is, the grass doesn’t need to be cut at all.   
Another reason to venture out for more ammo and another gun
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From the Griffin...
TES do work on global warming is like asking him to write his own autobiography, we he did not do. He claims to have written two books. Bill Ayers says he wrote them. TES half brother Mark says Dreams of My Father is wrong or made up. So TES says the biggest threat to the US is global warming. Expect him to delegate it out as it could involve work.