Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Parent(s), jobs and education destroyed by Dopes

If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it 100 times, “where are the parents”?  For about 72% of black kids the question is, “where is your parent”?  This is just one of myriad problems visited upon poor families, most noticeably poor black families, by do-gooder libs who redistribute your money without attaching any responsibility. 

It’s been nearly 60 years since the start of LBJ’s war on poverty.  America’s longest war has been every bit as successful as The Empty Suit’s “shovel ready” stimulus package.  Literally billions have been wasted on BS duplicative soul stealing government social programs.  The end result is a bloated less responsive government and the worst race relations since the program began. 

The “where are the parents” meme is followed by the, “what we need are jobs and better education” BS.  Education in America, particularly inner city education, has been destroyed lefty lib Dopes and their wholly owned subsidiary – the teacher’s union.  We spend more money per student than anyone and have NOTHING to show for it.  TES and the proposing 2 years of free college education because after 12 years of public education kids can’t find North America on a map, can’t add 2+2 and get 4, can’t name the three branches of the federal government…well, can’t do $h!t.

Jobs?  YGBSM! Count, if you can, the number of fed, state and local “job training” programs.   In the end, the majority of jobs created are for the government azzholes administering the program.  And who needs a job anyway when the government will redistribute up to $46K in “benefits” for doing nothing more than the hard work of applying for it.   Then the recipients will never, ever even say thank you to the people footing the bill.  More likely they will bitch about their “benefits” than ever utter a word of thanks.
So after 60 years of the government’s “helping hand,” and 6 years of an asleep at the wheel half-black president, the residents of Baltimore and the usual professional race baiters are STILL calling for jobs and education.  No doubt they will continue to vote Dope and expect things to change.  Hey, if 60 years isn’t enough time to improve things, maybe Dopes will be able to get things done in 64 years.   Keep banging your head against that brick wall.  After 60 hits, it’s sure to come tumbling down on the next bloody hit. No.  It isn’t.

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