Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Shrilldabeast an anti-Christian Roman at heart

We had a small gathering last Saturday night.  The conversation turned to how fouled up everything in the US seemed to be these days.  I opined that we needed to face the fact that we are now the counterculture.  In some ways that’s comforting.  Now when some Borg member tells us we must attend a homosexual wedding and we’d better bring a pretty nice gift or else, we can tell the Borgster to F**K OFF.  We’re traveling our own road

The mainstay in the counterculture as always, are the Christians.  The Gaystopo openly targets Christians and is cheered by usual suspects in the lapdog MSM and Hollywood know-nothing swells for doing so.  The main target in the assault is not the rite of homosexuals to marry, something the high priest havoc could always bestow upon them.   The goal is to destroy the Christian institution of marriage.  If you took the government out of the marriage equation, 98% of homosexuals would have no interest in marrying.

To put this in terms that homosexuals and their militant henchmen in the Gaystopo can understand, why does the government have the power to sanction who loves who?  Why does the government get to license a religious sacrament?  Once you accept the argument that “love” should be the only determining factor for “marriage,” the word has no meaning…except for the religious.  Seems to me everyone else could get along better with a legal contract than a marital contract.  But a legal contract would do nothing to advance the goal of destroying Christians.   

It’s not just the Gaystopo targeting Christians.  Speaking at something called the Women in The World Summit in New York Thursday the Shrilldabeast claimed that “far too many women are still denied critical access to reproductive health care and safe childbirth,” Godzilla in a pant suit told the audience that not only laws will have to be changed. Also, “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”

First of all is anyone in America being “denied critical access to reproductive health care”?  What the beast means here is that she wants women to be able to walk into any pharmacy and demand free birth control and get it.  A month’s supply cost $9 at Walmart.  Not good enough for the Shrilldabeast.  You must pay for it.  And if the woman is too lazy, stupid or undisciplined to get it before the act, you must pay to destroy the baby.  According to this rape enabling old, old hag that is “reproductive health care.”  It is, of course, total BS.

Now consider this, the beast believes that, “deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed.”  What cultural codes have not already been destroyed or weakened.  Turn on the TV.  What cultural codes are not regularly lampooned?  What planet has this ancient old bag been on for the last 40 years?  “Structural bias”?  WTF does that mean?  Do we stop driving on the left hand side of the road? 

Here’s the dangerous one – changing religious beliefs.  The Shrilldabeast calling for changing religious beliefs, is like The Ohio State University calling for the U of Meatchicken to change quarterbacks and raze Meatchicken stadium.  Neither has the best interest of the other at heart.  But at least TOSU knows something about Meatchicken.  If she thinks Christians will change their beliefs to accommodate abortion, the beast knows nothing about Christians.

Here’s the bad news for The Empty Pant Suit, the Gaystopo and all of the new age Hollywood hipsters, Christians are the original counter culture.  Christians survived the persecution of the Romans and in the end converted them.   So if this pant suit of doorknobs thinks she can change deep-seated religious beliefs - aka the truth, something she doesn’t understand and avoids – she is a bigger dolt than I ever gave her credit for.  Exit question: If elected president, will grandma douche condone crucifixion in order to change deep-seated religious beliefs? 

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Anonymous said...

From the Griffin....
So right after the Mayflower landed and the first young couple decided to marry, no one said to wait until statehood so the state can issue a marriage license. Now we are awaiting a Supreme Court ruling about who can legally marry. The feds/libs yell about the separation of church and state unless they want to inject themselves into church business. In Ohio we voted marriage as between a man and woman and a federal judge then jumped into it to the entire state is wrong. The federal camel is now all the way into tent and has taken over. My solution is top fight fire with fire. Just like a truck drivers CDL Class 7 license. A man and woman marriage gets a Class 1 marriage license with a procreation authorization. All other types of marriages get a state marriage certificate of completion (like a GED) with no procreation authorization.