Thursday, September 13, 2007

The fan

Even as their lackeys in the MSM are abandoning them left and right, everyone who has been there lately – even Dems without headupyourbuttitist and even some with the disease like RC Durbin - agree that the surge is working, but Dems insist that the war is going badly. Dems are like an uninformed football fan who buys the team jersey, cap and pennant then complains about everything the team does. When the team is running the ball, he throws his hands up and yells “throw the damn ball.” When the team passes, he throws his program down in disgust and says, “why don’t they just run the damn thing?”

When you talk to “the fan,” he tells you how much he loves the team, but he never seems to have one good word for them. As the conversation continues, you discover “the fan” has never played the game at any level and doesn’t know cover two from cover you’re a$$. “The fan” usually reserves his derision for the coaches, the owner and other fans who really do love the team, even during the occasional fumble or botched play.

Today “the fan” starts taunting the new quarterback who has come off the bench late in the first half to rally the team for two scores and the lead. “The fan” calls the QB a lying bum. “The fan” calls the new QB a stooge for the coach who deserves to lose the game because he sacked a couple of “the fan’s” favorite second string players. “The fan” is also mad at the QB’s heroics because it makes the owner, who reduced popcorn and ticket prices, look good.

Now the team is up, but “the fan” complains that they are really loosing because they fumbled once in the first quarter. “The fan” demands the team forfeit the game and cancel the rest of the season. “All of this winning is making us hated around the league,” says “the fan.”

The longer the true fans watch and hear “the fan” complain they realize he’s not really a fan at all. He’s the (g)assbags trying to buy the team. He’d love to see the team fail so that the team’s worth would plummet, and other fans would look forward to him taking over.

Yeah, Dems claim to be fans but they are not. Shrillary tells General Petraeus, who has more integrity and honor in his little tow than the entire US Congress, that “it requires a willing suspension of disbelief” to believe the general’s report. Well she ought to know something about the “willing suspension of disbelief.” That’s what she has practiced her entire life with Billbo, a lying, raping, narcissistic dope.

Travelling tomorrow. See you Mon.

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