Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Remembering 9-11

OK it’s time to sit around and remember 9/11, which is sort of like Michigan fans pausing every September 1st at 3:47 in the afternoon to remember the loss to Appalachian State. Don’t get me wrong. I’m quite happy to recall the heroes of the day rushing up the steps of burning buildings or attacking the terrorists on board United flight 93. What bugs me somewhat is dwelling on the defeat, and the political opportunism used by people on both sides.

I’m tired of spendthrift Republicans telling constituents that they are best suited to fight the war on terror and then using their power to appropriate tax money to build a billion dollar bridge for 53 Eskimos on an Alaskan island. Buy each a 2 million dollar boat and a lifetime maintenance package and be done with it. I’m soooooooo sick of idiot Democrats, as if there were another type, claiming the president used 9-11 to dupe them into war when he used the exact same arguments as Democrat idol Bill Clinton. Oh yeah, the Dems were “duped” by the same guy they’ve spent the last seven years calling a dope.

I’m sick of 9-11 commissions wasting tax payers money on why the “dots were not connected” when that very commission had as members some of the people who themselves constructed bureaucratic walls to prevent dot connecting. I’m sick of the creepy politicians, as if there were another type, complaining about “not connecting the dots” then belly aching and threatening impeachment of this president for every single effort made to connect today’s dots.

I’m tired of the well compensated 9-11 families thinking that because their loved ones showed up to work one infamous day, they have some special insight into foreign policy, military operation or a terrorist’s mindset. I’m sick of the MSM giving the “Jersey Girls” and Cindy Sheehan non-stop coverage to voice their point of view and not one second to the next of kin of patriots who think that the fight against Islamo-terror-fascists is necessary and worth the sacrifice.

Were I king for the day, in addition to all the bell tolling, name reading and somber music, I’d order the military to strike targets of opportunity around the world. At the exact moment the plane hit the first WTC, a bomb would go off in some ITF’s lap somewhere in the world. At the exact moment the plane hit the second WTC, a door would be being kicked in Baghdad and ITFs rounded up or better yet shot. At the exact moment that the plane hit the Pentagon, an ITF account somewhere in the world would mysteriously disappear. At the exact moment that the plane hit the field in PA an unscrupulous businessman dealing with the ITF would be arrested and exposed as the scumbag he is in newspapers.

Were I king, I’d create so much trouble for the ITF on 9-11that they would come to fear and hate the date. So, sure let’s remember on 9-11. Let’s remember how pissed-off we are or should be.

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