Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Harry's bosses

Given Osama bin Laden’s latest video, it seems we’re faced with the choice of converting to Islam or having our throats slit by an Islamo-terror-fascist. This is a big problem for Harry Reid. Bin Laden’s tape makes it sound as if he’s Harry’s boss. This infuriates the nut jobs over at who think that they are Harry’s boss. Bin Laden, like MoveOn, excoriated Harry for not ending the war he not so long ago declared lost. The big difference between the Osama and MoveOn is that bin Laden is Harry’s idea man and MoveOn is Harry’s bag (ie $) man.

To make matters worse, that damned general showed up to say things were getting better in Iraq, and people believe him. Even onetime Dem ally the WaPost is editorializing that Harry and his one note band need to learn a new tune on Iraq. What’s a poor land swindler like Harry to do? His bosses – bin Laden and MoveOn – are mad at him; the war he declared lost is tipping in our favor; some MSM outlets are beginning abandon him because they see him for the loser he is; and every one of his remaining allies is a dimmer bulb than he.

Anyone who even glanced at the hearings over the last two day knows that this Dem led congress is made up of a bunch of preening a@#hole$ more interested making long winded pointless speeches than asking a good question to inform their opinion on the situation in Iraq. As Lex predicted, Petraeus and Crocker were clearly the brightest people in the room, which alas, when you consider the (g)assbags class that makes up congress, isn’t saying much.

When your back is against the wall and you’re exposed as a creepy opportunist with treasonous tendencies, be bold! Expect Harry to come out with legislation declaring Petraeus a liar, the war still lost, the US a key part of an Islamic Caliphate, education vouchers for parents who send their children to a madrassa and tax breaks for all prayer rug and burkah purchases.

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