Thursday, September 27, 2007

Odd Squad walks back surrender monkey pledge

As Keith Jackson, the greatest college football announcer EVER, used to say when surprised by something on the field… WHOOOOE NELLY! Was that the top three Democrat surrender as soon as possible monkeys last night saying they could not guarantee withdrawing the troops from Iraq by the end of their first term? Not the first year, mind you, the first term. That’s 2013! After all the money he’s wasted getting the Dems in line, George Soros had to have defecated in his expensive trousers when he heard that.

Yes, yes, yes there was another debate last night. It was on MSNBC, so except for Tim Russert’s, Chris Matthews’ and Keith Olbermann’s families nobody probably saw it. But yes, if news reports are correct this morning – which unfortunately is not necessarily a given with today’s MSM – the Odd Squad of top tier Democrats, one black, one white and John Edwards as the girl are saying we’re likely to be in Iraq through 2013.

So this morning the servers at Nexus Lexus are smoking as opposition researches look for inconsistencies in the Odd Squad’s campaign statements. Let me see, inconsistent campaign statements by a pol, that has to be as rare a major leaguer scratching himself or spitting. No doubt the lesser Dem candidates are tripping over themselves to see who can appeal to Dem base and fill the retreat at all cost void by coming up with the quickest surrender plan.

But not to worry Dem loons, whatever happens with the Odd Squad, they will blame it on George Bush. For once they will be right. There were stories last week that President Bush was counseling the top candidates on both sides to be careful about their rhetoric on Iraq. As a result, the Odd Squad is walking back some of their surrender monkey chatter.

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