Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Donald wins round one; round two, the transcripts

Three in a row. The ink wasn’t dry on yesterday’s post, uh, make that, the electrons hadn’t settled into place on yesterday’s post concerning the P-BO and his boobs playing the race card at every turn, when this piece about “birther racism” hits the wire. YGBSM.

Is it really going to be this easy from here on out? Let’s that theory. IN’s winning lotto numbers today are going to be 26,13, 19, 39, 55.

So the P-BO puts out his long form birth certificate yesterday, and before hoping onto a plane to do the Oprah show, whined that, “We do not have time for this kind of silliness.” And the Oprah show is what,  high level negotiations on oil pricing? 

The Dope went on to note, “ There is serious business that needs tended to.  There are brackets to be filled out, 70-80 rounds of golf to be played, a couple dozen vacations to be planned, and of course fund raising stops to be attended all across this great nation, but none between New york and Los Angeles. So don’t bother me with this kind of silliness that could have been dealt with in minutes two years ago when THE SHRILLDABEAST first brought it up.”

Yeah, knucklehead is whining about “distractions.” This, of course, was a distraction of his own making. And this is as sure a bet as the lotto numbers posted above, he’d have been happy as a pig in crap, or a Demo-Dope picking your pocket for higher taxes to pay for his kid’s sex change operation, to let this thing go on through the next election cycle.

Rush hit the nail on the head. The Donald was getting traction with the issue. Polls were not going in the P-BO’s favor so he had to change direction and give up his self-made distraction while complaining that it was a distraction.

So, yeah, I’m kinda thinking The Donald got under the P-BO’s razor thin skin and won the day. The Donald forced Eddie Haskell into doing something he had no intention of doing, at least not on a candidate like The Donald. One of the top tiered candidates sure, but definitely not The Donald.  Round one to The Donald.

When the press was calling The Donald a creep for winning the day against the P-BO, Trump was relentless. He reiterated his charge that the P-BO was not a very good student. That being the case, how did B-HO get into two Ivy League colleges and head up the Harvard Law Review?  The Donald is demanding the P-BO's transcripts.

Now if you think that the P-BO and his butt kissing army of press dolts are going to let anyone question the P-BO’s Ivy League status without a charge of racism, I’ve got a nice beach condo in New Mexico I’d be willing to sell you at a great price. Or as The Donald might put it, “I have the most fantastic beach front condo in the entire state of New Mexico maybe even the entire SW, excluding Texas and SoCal. It’s really a tremendous piece of property. I’d be willing to sell it to you at great price. The best price anyone has ever gotten on beach front property in New Mexico.”

The Donald will push this. Then the race card will be thrown.  The press lemmings will be claiming that The Donald is attacking affirmative action and claiming that the P-BO benefited from that program. Otherwise, the P-BO would have been stuck at some junior college majoring in social work with a minor in PE.

Oh the I can hear the howls now. Trump is a racists! By asking for the P-BO’s transcripts he’s really calling him a dumb@$$. He’s saying the P-BO got over as an affirmative action fill in the Ivy League.

Lex was way out in front of this one. Early on Lex noted that while savvy in an Eddie Haskell sort of way, the P-BO was not book smart. That’s why he went into social work instead of working at the high powered law firm. The high powered law firm would see through him in a couple of months. Hanging out with Chicago leftists, socialists, communists, and America haters, while organizing a commie community, he’d blend in.

Besides, if we didn’t have affirmative action as a policy in this country, nobody could make the charge. Right?  And if he released the transcripts, and they prove that he’s always been at the top of the class, it’ll prove his lemmings were correct when they told us that he’s sooooo smart the rest of us just cannot keep up. So show us the transcripts.

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