Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Public "art" burning korans and Bibles

Yeah, I know. I missed yesterday. Had to pay my taxes. I don’t mind.  The government is broke and 14 TRILLION in debt. So we all have to do our share don’t you know. It’s only when I find out through the Griffin that our broke and hopelessly in debt government is funding the “art” above to the tune $600,000 that I get livid.

That’s right Mr. & Mrs. America your hard earned tax dollars are going to fund junk art while poor kids starve. While WI dumb@$$ public union thugs – a key Demo-Dope party constituent- pitch a bitch about paying less than one half of what most Americans pay toward their own health and retirement funds, the feds are dumping 600K to buy an artsy fairy riding a toad. Oh but wait. The key selling point is that the toad gurgles with nature sounds. Oh, hell, in that case, give ‘em a million. What’s the difference, 600K we don’t have or a million we don’t have?

And we wonder why S&P issued a warning that the US is about to lose it’s AAA rating. P-BO and his @$$clown farm of staffers laughed off the S&P’s move. Chief @$$clown spokesman J Carney said that he believes “the political process will outperform the agency's expectations” because the president and Congress recognize the problem. Oh really? Is that why congress is on a two week vacation? Because they realize the problem? Is that why the hack BS artist Carney represents has used the debt as a political hatchet to attack Republicans? The only problem these weasels recognize is the problem of getting themselves re-elected.

America’s only hope is that there are enough Jim DeMints and Rand Pauls in the Senate to force meaningful reductions. And the first things on the block ought to be fairies riding toads that make nature sounds.  Boehner needs to use the upcoming debt ceiling negotiations to get meaningful reductions in the budget that he promised. We need to test the theory that the world will stop if congress doesn’t agree to go deeper into debt.

We need to test the theory that the world gains confidence when we go deeper and deeper into debt. Raising the debt ceiling allows more and more spending. Spending money that we do not have.  As The Donald put it, we're borrowing money from foreign countries to give away to other foreign countries.  Doing nothing, it seems to me, is a good way to require the government to live within its means. Not raising the ceiling would require this brat president and the clueless congress to actually start to cut the onerous size and scope of the federal government.

Oh, and speaking of “art.” French Catholics repulsed by Anders Serrano’s Piss Christ, went Muslim and took a hammer and screwdriver to piece of “art.” Most agree that the vandals enhanced the art.

We’re still waiting for P-BO and general Patreaus to come out and condemn Serrano for creating the provocative piece of “art” that were he to be consistent Patraeus would condemn as he did the koran burning as, hateful, intolerant and extremely disrespectful.

Oh, and speaking of burning holy book. Where was Patraeus when the US Army burned a bunch of Bibles? That’s right. It wasn’t some nut pastor in FL burning a koran. It was the US Army burning Bibles.

“This story hasn't received much attention but it caught the eye of The Brody File. The Pentagon has confiscated a stack of Bibles sent to an Evangelical soldier in Afghanistan. The Bibles were printed in the local Pashto and Dari languages. Military rules forbid proselytizing. By the way, the Bibles were burned because the rules on the base say that all garbage is burned at the end of the day. But just asking here; if the U.S. Military seized a stack full of Korans, would they be burned? You think that might cause a little outrage in the Muslim world?”

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