Monday, April 25, 2011

Hell with the birth certifcate, let's see the transcripts

While wasting time by insistently asking The Donald if his investigation into the P-BO’s birth certificate is a waste of time it’s the media, not The Donald keeping the story alive. The Donald has taken it upon himself to find out what’s on the P-BO’s long form birth certificate, or if one even exists. Now what should be a rather mundane, ho hum, next question, has taken on a life of its own. It’s sort of like Geraldo opens Al Capone’s safe meets any 48 Hours mystery where the first two minutes hooks the audience into a tedious, glacially paced show where the “mystery” could be solved in about five minutes.

Let’s face it. Were we talking about anyone other than the P-BO, the information would already be out there. The truth is that Eddie Haskell, uh, er, the P-BO doesn’t want the info out there. Better to keep it a secret with witch to bludgeon your enemies with.

Now, the first question every Republican candidate, serious or not, will be asked by a compliant media is, “Do you believe that the P-BO is a US citizen?” Then you can count on the @$$bag who asked the question complaining about all of the attention the P-BO’s birth certificate is getting.

So you have the rather odd situation where the people who are incessantly asking about the P-BO’s birth certificate, complaining about all the attention being paid to the P-BO’s birth certificate. It’s like the MSM doing a one hour special on how the Tea Party ought to just be ignored, an “Ignore this sign,” sign if you will.

The Donald, not one to listen to the lemming class, continues on with his own investigation. And I’m sure, in Trump Style, it’s the biggest, most fabulous, most terrific fantastic and exciting investigation ever in the state of Hawaii. Let’s all just keep one thing in mind. The P-BO’s mom was a American citizen. As near as I know, nobody is challenging that. So even if the P-BO were born in Kenya, he’d still be a US citizen based on his mother’s citizenship.

I happen to think that The Donald’s money might be better spent trying to pry open the P-BO's college transcripts. I suspect, given his idiocy in office so far, that that is where the smoking gun can be found. GWB was made out to be an idiot in the 2000 and 2004 campaigns. Then Bush’s school records showed that he achieved better grades than his challengers. The P-BO hides his grades and let’s the MSM try to convince us that he’s so smart.

I don’t believe it. I think Mr. 57 states is a savvy conniving punk like petty criminal but not necessarily book smart. But then, I don’t think that he taught constitutional law for 10 years as he claims either. I suppose he strolled into a classroom a couple of times a quarter for 30 minutes, scribbled something unintelligible on the blackboard and walked out leaving students scratching their heads wondering WTF (win the future) just happened.

Sort of like a “guest lecturer” who walks into a room full of engineering students, carrying a 4” binder, wearing a lab coat and presenting a professional slide show in glaring generalities about something called a “transversal side articulating sperving valve” used to create cold fusion. None of the students wants to raise his hand and call BS because he doesn’t want to appear to be the only one in class who has never heard of the thing. Only after 30 minutes, when the real professor walks in laughing his butt off, does the class realize that it has been had.

The P-BO is a fake, and he didn’t even need the lab coat to fool 51% of Americans in 08.

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