Friday, April 29, 2011

This - n- that

Superman Bails on America gives up US citizenship
That’s right Mr. truth, justice and the American way has renounced his US citizenship. Given that he was never anything more than an illegal alien alien, who cares? No that’s not a typo. SM is an illegal alien and an alien from another planet, he probably never was legally naturalized. Put this right up there with the Royal wedding in the who with a brain gives a crap file. The only obvious answer to this is that even Superman can’t stand P-BO’s America. The only real question this raises is whether Bizzaro Superman has now applied for US citizenship.

Charges of Racism against The Donald explode
Ed Schultz (who?), Woopie $h!t Goldberg, and the new, but none-the-less extremely old face of CBS Bobby were I president Thomas L. Freidman would by my SecState Schieffer joined in the "He’s a Racist Choir" sung to the tune of the Hallelujah Chorus. Yeah, the last thing these mental giants want is anyone questioning the P-BO’s intellect. I just ask this one question. If I ever get a good answer, I’ll accept that the P-BO hasn’t been an affirmative action pass through all his life: How did this know nothing, do nothing, be nothing, never had a job in his life, never ran anything more complex than a pick up basketball game in his life, get a Nobel Peace Prize? Until someone can articulate another reason, the only plausible answer is affirmative action.

So yeah, I think he’s a dumb@$$. And if that makes me a racist to these chattering morons, I’m fine with that, because we’re all going to be called racists before the Nov 2012 election anyway. Might as well get on the train early and get a good seat. Show the transcripts.

Jimmy malaise Carter, please, just go away
Never one to admit what a horrible president he was, Jimmy Malaise is trying to rehabilitate his image again. No he’s not bashing the Jews and Israel to endear himself to the American people this time. Now, he’s telling the US and S. Korea that we are human rights violators for withholding food to N. Korea. Good move Mr. Malaise. We always respond well to some washed up weakling of a president siding with the likes of Yassar Arafat, the PLO and Kim Jung Il against our own interests.

WH threatens SF Chronicle for filming P-BO protestors, uh, er, racists
What happens when a compliant media shrugs off the compliancy cloak? Ask the folks at the SF Chronicle. After filming a clearly racist protest of the P-BO at a SF fund raiser – what else – the WH threatened to exclude the Chronicle from pooled coverage of its events in the Bay Area. It all makes perfect sense. You just cannot have accurate reporting and pointed questioning of the world’s smartest man. After all, that would be racist.

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Has anyone seen the BEAST walk back those insane comments about Basshar Assad being a reformer? Didn’t think so. She is supposed to be the smartest woman in the world. So we’ve got the smartest man and woman in world running things and it’s all going to hell. Let’s give the “dumb@$$” class a chance at straightening it all out.

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