Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Weak leader, weak nation

See if you find this as humorous as I do. I don’t even know why I laughed all the way through. Maybe it’s the hushed tones the antagonist uses. He doesn’t want to interrupt his hero at the podium but cannot let an opportunity to be an ass slide by. Maybe it's the part where he accuses the reporter of being hostile and then tells her to "drop dead," which could be construed as being hostile.  Or, maybe it’s his snaggle-toothed appearance. I’ve watched it several times.  It gets funnier every time.

Shhh. Now for some real biased reporting. Read it in a whisper.

What does not destroy me, makes me stronger.
Friedrich Nietzsche

Libs have reinvented Nietzshe’s words to:
That which does not guarantee an equal outcome could destroy my self esteem and scar me for life creating a social basket case that requires the state to look after my every need and want for the rest of my life.

We see it everywhere. I talked to friend who had an employee work for him for 3 lousy months and has been paying one-quarter of her unemployment for the last two plus years. As a result, he will not hire anyone who is not already known to him or recommended by one of his trusted employees.

The country is broke but the P-BO is out on the campaign trail talking about us paying for everyone’s college education. BS. If today’s students learned anything in college other than how to snorkel beer from a keg, it might be a good investment. They don’t. So it isn’t.

College is nothing more than an extension of high school. Most schools offer 100 level courses to teach the “college” student what he should have learned in high school. So why in the hell should a broke federal government by paying for a higher education for the people who couldn’t be bothered with their lower education?

Then the glittering jewel of colossal stupidity goes on to talk about “investing” in high speed rail. That’s right. Americans who won’t ride a bus across town are expected to flock to the outskirts of town to catch a high speed rail that will make 200 stops during a 150 mile trip, cost twice as much as plane ticket and still have rent a car at the other end. Has the P-BO ever heard of Amtrak? That is our current government run high speed rail. What will be different about this adventure in government transportation? It’ll cost a lot more.

Then here’s the one that will have Nietzsche rolling over in his grave and America’s enemies licking their chops because it says for us the end is truly near. These weak sissified government losers Liberal losers in NY tried ban Wiffel Ball, freeze tag, Red Rover and other games at indoor day camps. The reason given by the “officials” was that the games were dangerous. You can just picture the over paid public union excrement for brains who pushed this crap through. 150 lbs overweight, sipping on a 52oz Coke, with a bag Fritos and Ho Ho on her desk. She talks just like the jackass in video. She’s a fat pig, so everyone else will need to be made in her slob like image. Then she’ll write rules about treating fatass creeps like herself as if they were disabled.

What’s really at the crux of this is getting everyone into state run facilities. So they are trying to regulate small Christian run camps out of business.


Anonymous said...

I watched Jabba The Hut being interviewed in close up and found it one weird encounter. Wash DC has the highest per pupil cost in the nation. At $15k (in Wash DC) per student divided 9 months per school year we pay $1667 per month (more than the average home mortgage)per student and Johnny Wash DC still cannot read. Rather than try something different Jabba would prefer to keep Johnny in the same broken and expensive failed system. It appears the take away is, "If it's broke, don't fix it". I would say if vouchers fail we end up with the same result for less money. If more kids back into higher reading skills one would think it progress.
Still clinging to God and guns...The Griffin

Lex E. Libertas said...

You are obviously biased and hostile!