Friday, April 15, 2011

Why yes, going deeper into debt will inspire world confidence

The logic on the debt ceiling goes like this. We must raise the debt ceiling or the world will lose confidence in the US. So, going 14 TRILLION into debt somehow gives the world confidence? Weird huh? The world thinks going deeper and deeper into debt is a sign of responsibility and stability. 

Odd logic. Who would you rather loan $10; a guy who has maxed out every credit card he has but keeps raising the limit or a guy who has cut all of his credit cards up and is beginning to pay them down? Who do you have more confidence in?

Also, would you lend the guy hopelessly in debt money to catch the afternoon porn movie, pay for his wife’s abortion, a pack of cigarettes, a bottle of Glenn Merengue scotch and an iPod full of the most un-listened to programming in the history of entertainment?

Well that’s what we’re doing. Our broke government refuses to get serious about cutting off the spigot to worthless counter productive activities. We are expected to go deeper into debt to pay for abortions, counter culture art, and luxuries that we cannot afford.

Then, would you loan the hopelessly in debt dead beat money for all kinds of unnecessary activities when he has a brother who is better able to tend to his needs than you are. That’s what happens when the creepy voyeur neighbor – let’s call it the federal government – thinks it knows better how to cure the ills of the boy next door than the boy’s parents- let’s call the boy’s parents the states.

Then, would you loan the dead beat the money to allow him to engage in all manner of activities that he is prohibited from engaging in per a court order? Let’s call the court order the US Constitution. The constitution tells the federal government the activities that it may engage in. The 10th Amendment reserves all other rights to the states or the people. We now are bordering on an all powerful Borg like federal government assimilating everything it comes in contact with. There is no provision in the constitution for the federal government to fleece the people to pay for abortions, un-listened to tv and radio programs, offensive art or probably half of the crap that the federal government engages in.

Yet we blissfully sail on toward the waterfall raising the debt ceiling so we can pay for the feds to sue one of the states for enforcing essentially what is a federal law. That would be Eric the wad Holder’s suit against the state of AZ. It truly is a bizzaro world.

All of this, we are assured by the dirt bag class known as politicians, inspires world confidence in the US. The deeper into debt we get, the more confidence the world has in us, the dirt bags assure.

I would encourage John Boehner to challenge that dopey logic. Cut up the credit card. No more debt. We will pay off every penny every penny we owe. But from now on, pay as we go.

Other big news:

The US is still bombing Libya. We are now several weeks into P-BO’s great adventure that was to last “days not weeks.” Reminds me of my preacher friend who, when asked if God really created the heavens and the earth in just 7 days, responded absolutely, but we don’t know how long one of God’s days last. So, when the P-BO says days not weeks, we must allow for affirmative action do over days. Sort of like his joke of a budget. The first or second, you ask. Yes.

Lib intellectual Joy Behar,hardy,har,har is of the opinion that the rash of FAA tower sleepers (AKA air traffic controllers) is due to the great Ronaldus Magnus Reagan busting the tower sleeper’s union 30 years ago. The only thing Reagan’s action accomplished is instead of 6-8 unfireable union thugs sleeping in the tower, now there’s only one dope who can be sent packing the next day. Brilliant insight to the Lib mind don’t you think. Some $h!t for brains fails to do his job and the Libs blame everyone but the SFB.

And this you cannot make up. Transportation Sec. Ray LaHood told reporters that the FAA would “not sleep” until this problem was solved. Ray, Ray, Ray. Really? Seriously? If the people at the FAA could stay awake, there wouldn’t be a problem. The answer is quite simple. After 9pm, every air traffic sleep chamber in America pipes in Joy Behar,hardy, har,har’s noxious voice singing Winchester Cathedral at 15 minute intervals. Nobody could sleep through that. Of course if the UN didn’t step in claiming the worst kind of inhumane torture and human rights violations, the taxpayers would be on the hook for a lifetime worth of mental counseling after the first night. It’s a Lib world. Hell just let them sleep Ray. Don’t be so judgmental.

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