Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another BS insallment from The P-BO

There's bound to be a run on BS meters at the local Wal-Mart today.  P-BO's budget razzel dazzel is bound to blow out every existing BS meter in the country.  I wounder if they come with a warning like your computer warns you to shut down during a thunder storm.  WARNING: While this is the finest BS meter known to man, no BS meter can be expected to withstand sustained mega BS conditions.  These conditions usually occur whenever P-BO, Chuck Schumer, Slow Joe Biden, or some other Demo-Dope trys to explain something.  

 P-BO ruins another day of tv today by delivering a speech on the 2012 budget. Yo, wait. Didn’t he put his budget out in Feb? Why yes he did. Will he be talking about that budget? No. That 3.75 TRILLON dollar mess raised taxes by 2 trillion and still had a deficit of 1.7 BILLION in the first and NEVER reaches a balance. The closest it gets is a 600 BILLION dollar deficit around 2018 before the deficits start to rise again as us old fogies begin to retire and place an unsustainable load on the P-BO healthcare system.

This budget crap will have funding for Planned un-Parenthood, Endowments for Arts, UN funding, Public Broadcasting funding and an endless line Lib BS that we cannot afford while P-BO calls for cuts in defense spending. Billions for defense, not one sent for Lib rubbish. Every penny ought to stripped out of every Lib BS program before the first penny is stripped from defense.

Well if he isn’t going to be talking about HIS budget why did he put one out in the first place. He didn’t. Who knows who put it together. Who knows if he knows what’s in HIS budget. If it didn’t show up on the teleprompter, he probably doesn’t have a clue.

P-BO is now in campaign mode. Do not expect anything but a bunch of flowery BS about hard working Americans battling evil corporations. In many cases it’ll be the same evil corporations that P-BO bailed out with TARP money. And don’t expect that anyone will load the teleprompter with a line about how hard the rich are working, or thanking them for paying 70% of the nations bills. That won’t happen.

This is nothing more than a campaign stop. Unworkable programs wrapped in a bunch flowing BS. The big secret is that P-BO and Dopes want to break the country. If that was not their ultimate goal, they never would have gotten us so far down this unsustainable path. The only reasonable explanation is that Demo-Dopes are purposefully running the country into the ground. If I were brain-dead Demo-Dope like Louise Slaughter or Eleanor Holmes Norton, I’d add in some over the top hyperbole here. Like, running the county into the ground just like the terrorist ran Flt 93 into the ground in Shanksville, PA on 9-11. Hey, maybe that’s not too far over the top.

Who is going to be the Todd Beamer in this airship of state and try to organize the effort to regain the controls and get us back onto some sustainable flight path? Herman Cain, Chris Christie, Allen West, John Bolton, Marco Rubio and Michelle Bachmann are at the top of my wish list. Given the last election cycle where all a candidate needed was my endorsement to be drummed out of the field, I’ll let you know who my favorite is after the 2012 general election. Don’t want to put the Lex curse on anyone just yet.

For a real businessman’s point of view here’s the griffin’s take:

Since 1995 we have added over 60,000 new rules and regs from the feds (10 per day/seven days a week)

Mrs Griff works as a systems analyst for a large bank. She has spent two years and the bank 10’s of millions designing new software. Usually just before it is released the rules and regs from Wash DC change. In come the lawyers. She has had this happen so many times I am considering putting padding on the walls at home. Do not ever say “ credit card rules” or “loan regulations” to her again. She may attack.

The new spec’s and regs for oil rig BOP’s (Blow Out Preventers) have trickled down to my company. We build sensors used on them. The BOP problems were a result of cutting corners to meet deadlines and violating safe practices. But to insure that we achieve complete chaos, the folks in Wash DC have stepped in to throw 30 wt oil, nails, and broken glass all over the garage floors as the car sits in the garage. We can’t go forward, backwards, or sideways. We don’t bother asking questions now. It’s just too painful. Just attempting to find out who is in charge is challenging. I suspect the reason is that no one knows who they are….including them. Twisted I know. Imagine tearing up pavement and road ways every time there is a car wreck: putting up new signage, new traffic lights, stop signs, berm markers, guard rails, and assigning new coordinates to a geosynchronous satellite to monitor that stretch of road. And the reason for the wreck was that the driver was driving too fast.

Our normally level headed company controller had to be darted last week. For years we have reported sales taxes by state. Thanks to the brain trusts in Wash DC that has changed. They have forced the states to force companies to report by individual county in every state. In just Ohio that means 88 filings. And I don’t know if you have heard that Sarbanes-Oxley, once the law to fix corporate greed, has been determined by Wash DC bureaucrats that it probably does not work.

If you have not had the Sarbanes-Oxley training, I will tell you that the first slide on in training is a pair of handcuffs. The following slides get intimidating. I suspect we will get newly mandated rules, regs, and threats soon. I am surprised they have so much trouble capturing graph, corruption, misappropriations, and greed and putting them into a coherent language. After all it has been perfected by those in Wash DC in recent years. Today, Obama will present his plan for reduced spending, deficit reduction, improved gov’t efficiencies, tax reform, and WTF. The wife and I have decided to have two large whiskey high balls and watch it without volume. We suspect the fun part will be in watching the girl that does the sign language breaking her fingers trying to explain this one. Thursday night we will then start the 1040 Tax Mystery Tour for 2010.This year I have invited Charlie Sheen and Professor Irwin Corey to the house to help explain tax law.

Finally, the wife and I have been wondering what the Japanese will do with all those broken new mercury laden light bulbs as a result of the 9.4 earthquake and 30 foot tsunami. They must have real environmental mess on their hands. We suspect it will lead to new rules and regs in the US. Putting them in a sealed Mayo jar and burying them a minimum of 10 feet down in the back yard in an encased concrete and lead lined bunker will probably change. Thank goodness all the rules for nuke power plants are settled and locked in now.

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