Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Race baiters hoping for a racially charged campaign; if they don't get one they'll make one up

We were told by the much smarter than we are chattering class that one of the advantages of electing a totally unqualified half-black man as our president is that it would once and for all put the race issue behind us. Oprah would be the most beloved figure, ok full-figure person, Tiger would be the most admired athlete and B-HO would be president, a trifecta proving once and for all that America is not a racist country.

HA! It’s been nothing but race baiting ever since. I’m not going to run through the litany of examples but rather note just two, “the cops acted stupidly” from the chief race baiter - P-BO himself and Eric the wad Holder’s “America’s a bunch of cowards” presumably for not confronting the race issue.

First off, we have been confronting racism my entire adult life. We never get anywhere because Demo-Dopes don’t want to get anywhere. They don’t want black people working on an equal footing. The Dopes want government hand outs to keep blacks in America a reliable 90% voting block for the Dopes. Look at New Orleans for crying out loud. The Dopes continue their scam even after their corruption caused the city to flood.

I submit that as long as your group needs its own special month designated by the federal government – you’re not equal. You’re suffering from a huge inferiority complex.

The election of B-HO has set race relations back 50 years. Every mention of the P-BO’s name is tainted in race and viewed through a racial prism. No limiting statement, no matter how mundane, about the president or any of his wacky socialist policies that are destroying the country can be allowed without a charge of racism.

Now on PBS that we subsidize, Tavis Smiley has announced to the world that the 2012 campaign will be the most racist ever. He’s right. Given their track record to date, the P-BO and his crack staff of race-baiters will not be able to hold up under the slightest bit criticism from any Republican challenger without throwing the race card.

Rep Candidate: I don’t think the country can afford Obamacare right now.

Smiley: That’s racist. He just wants to bring back Jim Crow. He wants us in the back of the bus. He wants black people to die. He might as well have burned a cross on the White House lawn.

They are cleverly telling us all of this right now, without one iota of evidence, so that come the fall of 2012, they can say, “See I told you. Did you hear that. He just said the president’s policies have been a disaster. That’s the kind of racism I warned you about.” So Yeah, Tavis, it’ll be the most racist campaign in history, and that will all be because of race baiting excrement for brains like you.

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