Monday, October 15, 2007

Children shouldn't get everything they want

It’s for the children. Those four words will cause otherwise brilliant and miserly people to dig deep into their pocket and cough up money. What a bunch of crap. But it is tried and true Democrat propaganda.

First off, let’s suppose “it’s for the children” is not Democrat demagogic code that really means “it’s to create a nanny state.” Let’s pretend that it really is for the children. So what? Ft. Wayne recently asked taxpayers for a half a billion dollars to fix public schools “for the children.” The taxpayers politely and overwhelmingly told the school board to get bent.

Half a billion dollars for the Ft. Wayne public schools is ridiculous. It was nothing more than a ploy so when the board asks for $350 million next year, everyone will think they are being responsible. Even if the Corvette really is for the children, do the children really need a Corvette or will a Ford Fusion be good enough? Or heaven forbid a late model used car. Children don't need and shouldn't get everything they want. Mom and dad need to say no now and again.

So now we have S-CHIP and of course, it’s for the children. But where exactly in the constitution does it say we’re supposed to pool our money at the federal level to pay for each other’s health care? What does the S in S-CHIP stand for? Oh yeah, State. Brilliant! Let the states do it. Can anyone figure out why we send money to Washington D.C. so that crooked pols can turn around and redistribute that money back to the states? If health care for low income children is so important, why don’t governors do something about it? Why is Nancy Pelosi acting as the national school nurse?

So the Democrats, who have proven there is nobody they won’t try to exploit, role out a 12 year old to tell Americans what a meanie George Bush is. How she and kids like her can’t get insurance because Bush vetoed the S-CHIP bill.

Slight problem for Democrats. The youngster would be covered under the old bill. The youngster’s family owns two properties and three premium automobiles. The youngster’s family refuses to disclose their income. The youngster’s family showed no interest in insuring the youngster until she needed medical attention. In short, the youngster is actually a poster child for what is wrong with S-CHIP rather than a credible advocate. She is living proof that S-CHIP is a middle class entitlement woefully mismanaged from Washington.

Democrats thrust this child into the public light filling her mouth full of lies and half-truths. Then in true Democrat double speak, anyone pointing these things out is called a low ball bastard for attacking a child. And you thought only terrorist used children as human shields. Democrats really have no shame.

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Anonymous said...

In a discussion with several good, hard-working Joe Sixpacks the topic of overtime and free health care for their children came up. Their dilemma is that if they make too much money they will have to pay for their children's healthcare so they were looking to calculate how much overtime they would need to forego to qualify. Their children have healthcare now but their parents pay for it. There is something fundamentally wrong when working overtime is financially not attractive to the worker and his family. Only a screwed up Karl Marx style of government could put the average worker in this kind of dilemma. The Griffin.