Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A day early and a bag of candy short

There was another Democrat Presidential Candidates’ debate last night. Presidential primary debates have become the moon shots of American politics. Once they were new, rare, full of surprises and interesting to watch. Now, they have become so common that the only time anyone notices is when something blows up.

I guess last night was one of those occasions were there was a bit of a dust up. Tough guys John Edwards and Barac Obama decided it was time to start taking on Shrillary themselves. In the past the two macho men have sent their wives out to take on the Shrill one – the 300 pound gorilla of the Democrat Presidential Primary. That’s a mental image that shouldn’t require too much imagination to conjure up.

So they came out blasting away at the front runner with both toy guns. They blasted her on her “support” of the war; for her being a Washington insider; they intimated that the Republicans actually wanted her to win because Reps knew they could beat her; they attacked her for voting to designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization. The Shrillmeister shrugged it all off blaming everything on America’s greatest enemy and presumed Rep Presidential nominee George Bush. Oh that’s right; Bush has said he’s not running for a third term. Anyway, for the kook Dem fringe, blaming Bush is always the right answer.

Then there was the substantive part of the debate. That was all of the talk of UFOs and Denis Kucinich’s close encounter on Shirley the tree talker MacLaine’s patio. Hey Dennis the obvious answer would have been, “Of course I saw a UFO. We all saw it.” Who is “we all?” “Why the trees of course, just ask them.”

This whole thing was a day early and bag of candy short. The thought of this bunch of clowns, losers, ambulance chasers, plagiarizers, fantasy peddlers and morons being “most qualified” to run the greatest country (for now anyway) in the history of the world should be enough to scare any sane person silly.

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