Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Winning tonight's PMSnbc "debate"

When the inevitable question about weather or not the candidates support torture comes up in tonight’s Republican “debate” on PMSnbc, I’m voting for the guy whose answer most closely approximates this:

I reject the premise of your question. You read an unsubstantiated rumor in a discredited New York rag, the same rag that brought us Jason Blair, declared the Duke Lacrosse players and Marines at Hadeitha guilty before one shred of evidence had been produced. The paper that ran hundreds of stories on the so called atrocities at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo but runs few if any stories on the heroism on display every hour of every day in Iraq and Afghanistan by US troops. Using the most quoted man in American media today, “an unnamed source,” the New York rag regularly makes front page news of national secrets. The compromise of those secrets assists the Islamo-Terror-Fascists in avoiding capture and thereby allows them to go on killing and planning to destroy us.

The paper is owned and staffed by a bunch of left wing fringe moonbats, much like yourself, who gave up any pretense of objectivity ten minutes after the Florida recount. Now the rag comes out with a story about how this administration is authorizing torture. Without questioning its sources or the genesis of the piece, you suspend all reason, all benefit of the doubt, all objectivity and without follow up, you just swallow the story hook line and sinker.

Well I don’t support torture. But I do support, now how did the Shrill one put it, oh yeah, “enhanced interrogation” wink wink. Gee, I wonder what she means by that? But you and the rest of the lame stream media are soooo much in the bag for her that you could not ask – could you?

You, a former aide to Democrat icon Tip O'Neil, stand there and ask us questions; then the loony fringe sports guy critiques our answers. You and the sports guy have about as much legitimacy in this forum as Rush Limbaugh, Bill O’Reilly or Glenn Beck. Actually they have a great deal more legitimacy than you, because they at least make some sense and are honest about who they are. You and the sports guy don't and are not. That is why this pathetic little network is and always will be mired in 6th place in a 3 horse race. I don't even know why we are doing this "debate" on this tiny little network. We could reach more people in the next hour and half walking door to door out on county line road 3 in in the northwest corner of Wyoming.

Now, you go on up and join the sports guy. We’re done taking questions from you. We will ask each other questions from here on in.

Tom Tancrato, you’ve done, what 50 debates, and nobody has once asked you a question on immigration, which is your key issue. Why don’t you take five minutes and give us some insight on that issue then ask another of us a question that’s on your mind.

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Anonymous said...

We do not torture terrorist captives because they might torture our troops. Well now..they cut off heads of journalists, Red Cross workers, Christian care givers from South Korea, intentionally kill and maim children, fly planes into buildings, blow up Mosques,torture, dismember, burn, and dump the bodies of our troops into alley ways, blow up embassies, stone their women, and a variety of other of activities that makes one wonder why we are so concerned as to how we treat them when we capture them.Our history with the Japanese in WW2, the Germans at Malmedy, the North Vietnamese,and the present day terrorists makes me wonder just how bad we treat these captives. We are we comparing it to? Abu Ghraib? Tonight's debate will really be a Chris Matthews gotcha event. If asked my answer would be that I practice a slight variation to the golden rule and "do unto others as they do unto me". As Chris spits all over himself and says, " You mean you would tortue people that torture our people?" My answer would be yes...starting with making them watch Hardball before I start connecting up the car batteries. Politically correct? No. Personally truthful? Yes. The Griffin.