Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Nanny Shrill providing care from cradle to grave

For the mere act of being born in America, Shrill will give a child $5,000 bucks. Our repopulation rate will explode. That will be good in the short run. In the long run it’ll be a disaster. Parents needing a new plasma screen TV, down payment for a new SUV and money to travel to that NASCAR race they’ve always wanted to see will be procreating like rabbits. Then when it comes time for Wayne, Dewayne and John Wayne to go to college, all the money will be gone.

So sad too bad, right? Not in the Democrat nanny state. Shrill no doubt will then come up with a “plan” called Big Brother’s Re-entitlement Plan for the children of parent who spent Wayne’s $5,000. The mantra, “It’s for the children” will morph into “It’s for the young adults.” But Wayne has his own plan. At age 16 he starts procreating himself so he can get the bass boat and the four wheeler he always wanted.

Then there’s Juan and Maria. Maria is 8 ½ months pregnant. The Mexican government has provided Juan and Maria and every other poor pregnant Mexican woman transportation to the US border where the Mexican government pays Mexican government coyotes to haul the women to nearest US hospital emergency room where they are dumped. In return the dumpees pay the Mexican government half of Shrill’s stipend and everyone – and I do mean everyone, every poor man, woman and child in Mexico – is happy.

OK so once Shrill has being born in America subsidized, it’s time to take care dying. But who really cares about dead people. Dead people are in fact a large Dem constituency and like most Dems, the dead vote early and often. But Dems don’t have to buy their votes, which save a lot money.

So Shrill will take money from the dead by taxing any wealth they have managed to accrue while alive through a death tax. Then that money will be redistributed to the poor through government run 401Ks. Brilliant!! What lobbying group speaks up for dead rich people? Now, a cynic might say that Shrill’s plan resembles George Bush’s Social Security privatization plan. The big difference is that Ws plan uses a taxpayer's own money already going into an underachieving Social Security account. Shrill’s plan is a new government entitlement – read redistribution of wealth from people who earn it to people who don’t.

No doubt the American people will go ga ga over Shill’s plan. Who wouldn’t? It’s a chance to get something for nothing right up to the point the program goes the way of Social Security and most government endevors...which is belly up. Then of course there will be a new and even more odious government program to take its place.

Democrats have promised everything to everyone and all of it is to be paid for by the rich. They have promised so much to so many that the definition of rich is going to have to change from Bill Gates to Joe Sixpack. “Rich” Americans will wonder why they are busting their butts for people who don’t do much more than sit on their butts. When that happens, the whole house of cards gets knocked down.

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