Friday, October 12, 2007

The fat kid's trophy

It was bound to happen. The sun rose in the east. The tides came and went right on schedule and AlGore picked up a Nobel Peace Prize. Ever since Jimmy Carter picked one up, the Nobel Peace Prize has turned into more of a liberal little league award where everyone gets one no matter how much they suck than an honor for the best and the brightest.

So after the worst president since and before James Polk picks up a prize for badgering Israel to just let the Palestinians annihilate them, AlGore gets one for making a movie of himself delivering an error riddled global warming lecture. Yagottabekidding! Tell me this doesn’t remind you of the fat kid on your son’s baseball team that never got hit and could be counted on to turn an error every time he touched the ball getting the same trophy at the end of the season as the kid who pitched three innings of shutout ball every week and hit .600.

Were it not so politically obvious it’d be an outrage. Now fat Albert gets to prop his Nobel medal up on his mantel next to ill gotten Oscar and Emmy. The good news for AlGore is that this prize comes with million and half bucks that he can use to buy up some more carbon credits from himself so can jet around the cocktail circuit showing off his medal, all the while pumping tons of pollution into the atmosphere he wants to protect.

The really sad part of all of this though is that somewhere, somebody has chosen a lifetime of service to poor desperate people. That somebody has given everything his life has to offer in the service of other people. But the Nobel Committee can’t find one of these poor schleps who do the real work and would use the prize money to further their work rather than to add a new addition on to their mansion. Instead they honor a fat hypocritical (g)assbag whose personal carbon footprint is 100 times larger than that of the average citizen.

If Shrillary values a Nobel Prize more than the White House, she should go about throwing next November’s election. That would assure her of serious Nobel consideration, because that award is quickly becoming nothing more than a consolation prize for liberal losers.

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