Friday, October 26, 2007

Will Bush get two outta three axis of evil doers?

Serious people are beginning to wake up to the fact that George Bush is unlikely to leave office with Iran’s nuclear program in tack. Even the Dem led senate passed a resolution that urged President Bush to label the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) a terrorist organization.

Wow! Dems did that? Could it be that Shrillary doesn’t want to deal with the problem during her administration? So she votes in favor of Bush taking care of the problem during the last months of his administration. That way the real world is unlikely to intrude on her four year effort to tax America out of existence. But when Bush does go after Iran’s nukes, the smartest and most used woman in the world will feign outrage and cry foul about how Bush tricked her…again.

Then there was the carefully leaked news yesterday that the Air Force was going to re-fit B-2 stealth bombers with technology that would allow them to drop 30,000 pound bunker buster bombs. Holy bomb blast Batman - 30,000 pounds! Then came the reassuring news that the B-2 project wouldn’t be complete until 2009. Yeah riiiiight. No way THAT timetable could be accelerated.

Also, there were the comforting words of Defense Secretary Gates that the 30,000 pound bomb was part of the “normal contingency planning process.” Riiiiiiight, contingency planning for dropping 30,000 pound bombs. What other “contingency plans” do we have? “Contingency plans” for dropping 30,000 pound bombs comes right after the “contingency plan” for invading Mars. Or the “contingency plan” for draining the Pacific Ocean to create a land bridge to invade China. Even as over staffed as the Pentagon is, it doesn’t have the man power to waste for guys sitting around shooting the bull over a cup of Joe about dropping 30,000 pound bombs.

How does that conversation even come up among sane people? Hey guys listen to this. I was sitting at the dinner table last night when it struck me. What could we do with a 30,000 pound bomb? That’s not the way it works.

It works like this. First, the military identifies a problem, like say, some unstable nut job is a state sponsor of Islamo-terror-fascists. Said nut job knows he’s on a short list of nut jobs called the axis of evil scheduled for “regime change.” Said nut job has seen one of his fellow axis of evil nut jobs swinging from the gallows and decides to hedge his bet. So he starts to assemble the parts for nuclear weapons and buries them a mile or two underground.

So the military guys sit around and “worse case it.” What would it take to destroy the nut job's buried nukes? Guys with pocket protectors and lots of pens and pencils in their shirt pockets and slide rules strapped to their belts step in. The military guys tell them, “look we only want to have to do this once, so get right the first time.” So the pocket protector brigade run their numbers. Then run them again and again and again. They arrive at a number and add 25-30% to that.

Then the military guys turn that number over to some more smart guys and say, “design something that weighs 30,000 pounds, will fit into a B-2, and accomplish the following, like say destroy a nuclear facility buried a mile or two underground.”

If I were the nut job, I’d be reading the tea leaves and pull a Mohmar Kadhafi. Nuclear program? What nuclear program? Why, I’ve decided against that. Come look for yourself.

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