Monday, October 22, 2007

Fred wins

Fed hit his stride last night - from taking on the front runners – Mitt & Rudy – to disabusing his followers of the notion that he’s lazy and all the time in a matter-of-fact manner with good humor mixed in. Instead of answering Fred’s accusation of being a flaming liberal on a long list of social issues including guns & life as well as supporting a liberal for the governor of New York, Rudy tried to turn the table by bring up that issue we’re all on the edge of our seats about - that Fred was of all things anti tort reform…yawn what? To set the record straight, Fred supported tort reform on federal issues but wanted to leave state issues to the states. That sounds reasonable.

Fred told Mitt that his (Fred’s) conservatism wasn’t pegged to whatever region of the country he happened to talking in. He told Mitt that he (Mitt) tried to run to left of Teddy Kennedy. He said that he didn’t know there was any room to left of Teddy or for that matter, in a slam fat Teddy’s fatness, any room to right.

He answered the questions yes and no. He gave direct answers to questions and often was direct enough to not to use up the allotted time.

The big looser was Shrillary Clinton. The candidates all rolled in her and her extreme brand of liberalism that she passes off as “progressive.” Rudy’s “Ya gotta be kidding” line when asked if he and Shrill weren’t about the same was a good one. Ruddy went on to note the two things that they had in common. First, they were both Yankee fans, big laugh. Though Rudy became one growing up in New York and Shrill became one growing up in, if you can believe it, Chicago. Yeah right. Then Rudy brought up the soon to famous Shrill quote, “I have million ideas. America just can’t them.” Rudy added, “America just can’t afford Hillary.”

Now the MSM will talk about how the all of the Rep talked about Shrill, as if that is some kind of faux pas. But when Dems spend the night slamming Bush, who isn’t even running by the way, that’s just good politics. It’s insane but what do you expect?

All in all, it was a good night for the Reps. I’m predisposed to give the edge to Fred. So I will. He was the winner.

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