Thursday, October 20, 2011

Dumb, dumber, dumbest

Wow! This has to be a post about dumbest things ever said.

First, Scrawny Harry this war is lost Reid opened his sewer trap and this gem came spilling forth:

"It's very clear that private-sector jobs have been doing just fine; it's the public-sector jobs where we've lost huge numbers, and that's what this legislation is all about."

Thanks NV. You guys are doing a heck of a job. Nearly three million people and this is the best you can do? After comments about, pomegranates, cowboy poetry and bike paths, I believe this old fool is in the early stages of dementia. That or he’s just an old fool.

Unemployment is at 9.1%. In spite of Demo-Dope policies leading to the destruction of 1.6 million private sector jobs so far, according to the scrawniest Harry, the private-sector is doing just fine. I feel better already Harry. Thanks.

Under the P-BO’s moronic leadership, the public sector has shed about 900,000 jobs that included about 300,000 part time hires for the census. That’s a good start to my way of thinking. But really Harry, is 1.6 million a bigger number than 600,000?

When Harry stumbles into the truth by saying public-sector employment is what the P-BO’s “jobs bill” is all about, he inadvertently lets the cat out of the bag. The P-BO’s “pass this bill” BS is a ploy to add more public-sector union thug can never be fired no matter how incompetent jobs. That is exactly what we do not need.

But wait it gets dumber. The P-BO let this bit of jaw dropping dunderheadedness loose as well:

I guarantee it’s going to be a close election because the economy is not where it wants to be and even though I believe all the choices we’ve made have been the right ones, we’re still going through difficult circumstances.

All the choices we’ve made have been the right ones? Uh HELLO! Wake up! All the choices you’ve made have been the right ones, really? One word – Solyndra? OK, two – deficit. You tripled it. OK, three –unemployment. 9.34% average unemployment on your watch.

In other unbelievably stupid comments, Wile E Coyote said he wouldn’t change a thing in pursuit of the roadrunner. “All the choices I’ve made have been the right ones,” he insisted. He went on to say that the 534 million dollars he has invested in the Acme Company so far has been money well spent, particularly the rocket assisted roller skates.

Jumping on the P-BO’s bandwagon, the Boston Red Sox front office issued a statement today stating that trading Babe Ruth to the Yankees was “the best deal the club ever made.”

But when you want really stupid, where do you turn? That’s right the Slowest of all Joes. Joe J-O-B-S is a three letter word, shovel ready Biden. Foregoing plagiarism in stops at Flint MI and Philthydelphia PA this week, the slowest one relied on his own Homer Simpson like brain when he told crowds that rape and robbery would go up as a result of Republicans not passing the P-BO’s public-sector jobs bill.

He’s probably right. Both cities are run by Demo-Dopes. Criminals are a key constituency of the Demo-Dopes. So yeah, they want crime to go up. Why else would they ban guns and let criminals off and out of jail on the flimsiest of excuses?

And please Joe, if crime is such a worry in these cities, explain why the Demo-Dope mayors don’t cut the left handed, little people’s, gay, lesbian and transgendered task force for equal opportunity in the ice cream industry task force and hire more cops? If you’re so worried, why didn’t you take a few hundred million you just peed down the Solyndra sink hole and buy more cops? If you’re so worried about rape and robbery, why do you oppose citizens arming themselves with hand guns for protection? And given all of that, why should people in MT be expected to pay for police protection in Flint and Philthy when they refuse to do it for themselves?

On second thought, next to Joe Biden, Homer Simpson looks like civil engineer Kim Ung-Yong. Yeah, I’d never heard of him either. I Googled geniuses. Kim was at the top of the list with an IQ of 210. He was born March 8, 1962 is a Korean former child prodigy. Kim was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records under "Highest IQ"; the book estimated the boy's score at about 210. Who knew?  Where else do you get this kind of stuff?

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