Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I paid $120,000 for a worthless degree and it's all your fault and Pope embraces OWS only he doesn't

Another day, another way the P-BO plans to use your tax dollars to buy votes. Yesterday the P-BO was offering tax $ to “underwater” home owners. Today he’s offering tax $ to college kids to provide new no-cost benefits to graduates mired in college debt.

You don’t want to be mired in debt at graduation? Get a job and work your way through school. Or just get a job and not go to college. Also, instead of that impressive sheep skin in interpretive dance, get a degree in something that can be parlayed into a real three letter word a J-O-B.

And where on earth is the hue and cry against “big education?” Average college tuition has gone up several times the rate of inflation over the past several years. In recent years, consumer prices have risen less than 3 percent a year, while tuition at public colleges has risen by 8.8 percent and at private ones, 6.7 percent. Why aren’t the OWS crowd occupying the campus instead?

I read where one college student had acquired more than $120,000 in debt as a result of school loans. What in the hell are they teaching at that school? What were the bank managers making the loans thinking? What was the student thinking?

No one was thinking here. You’d think at real university the student would have wondered into a freshman econ class where he’d hear about something called a cost benefit ratio. You’d think a light would come on at about the $6,000 mark of accumulated debt for this numbskull. You’d think the bank manager might sit the kid down and say, “Look knowledge is good, but with a degree in ancient art and artifacts of the Powamba tribe of lower Siddar, you’re going to have trouble getting a real job. So no, we’re not lending you any more money. Go get a real job”

But none of that happens. The kid goes to a college where he apparently learns nothing of value and gets loans from a loan officer who graduated from the same university and is paying off his own $120,000 loan working for $50,000 a year as loan officer.

And just like the underwater crowd, everyone is bitching

There’s news a foot on Drudge and Beck’s website that the Vatican has called for a single monetary authority or some sort of world bank to rule over financial institutions that have become outdated and ineffective in dealing fairly with world monetary crises. Uh, don’t believe everything you hear. The paper that spawned all of this was released from something called the Justice and Peace department. Yeah, who knew? But hey, it’s the Vatican. If there is going to be such a department, you’d expect it to be at the Vatican, right?

Anyhoo, it’s some minor dept and doesn’t really speak for Rome or the Pope. But some leftist Fr. Flager wannbe dope named Fr. Tom Reese got hold of an advance copy and began peddling a line of BS that fit his own agenda. The church issued a statement reflecting as much but only in nicer terms:

"It is in this spirit of discernment that the Holy See, with the note of the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, wishes to make a contribution which might be useful to the deliberations of the G-20 meeting”.

Bishop Toso explained that the aim of the note is “suggest possible paths to follow, in line with the most recent social Magisterium, for the implementation of financial and monetary policies…”

The Church does not wish to enter into the technical issues behind the current economic crisis, but remains within the ambit of her religious and ethical functions…

Some smart guy named Thomas Peters points out:

I have nothing to immediately add to that, because the very authors of the document make clear how it should be evaluated: namely, as a “contribution” (as opposed to a mandate), as a “possible path” (as opposed to a moral proscription), in line with the Magisterium’s social teaching (as opposed to introducing a new teaching), without getting into the technical issues (because the Church is an expert in humanity, not economics) while fully staying within the Church’s religious and ethical functions.

Liberal Catholics routinely (and in this case) try to read the Church’s social teaching as dogmatic while choosing to view the Church’s moral and religious teaching as optional. In fact, the Church herself is always careful to make clear that her moral and religious teaching is dogmatic and binding while her social teaching –and particularly her economic teaching– is exhortative and prudential.

And there you have it.  It's just more lib BS designed to get you to think that the entire world is off its rocker and get you to add another 3 ft to the 12 ft fence around your compound.

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