Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Religious questions are OK, just don't ask the P-BO about Rev? Wright

There is a debate tonight supposedly dedicated to economics. Wanna bet the first question is about a brain dead preacher? No not the right Rev? Jerry Wright. That’s the P-BO’s boy so he’s off limits. Besides, is it really that big of deal when you and your family sit in the pew of a church for TWENTY YEARS where the Rev? damns America? No not really.

Some Perry acolyte has called Mormonism a cult. Now there is a real religious crime MSM lemmings can sink their teeth into. Even though the guy qualified the whole thing with a “theological definition of cult” that is. Which I guess is different from the type of crazy cult that would erect Styrofoam Roman pillars for its god and endlessly chant “Yes we can” while riding the economic equivalent of the Hale Bop comet of their chosen one to the country’s ruin.

Yes I know. That is a beautiful metaphor and just one more reason why I am the leading blogger within a couple of blocks of my compound.

What was I writing about? Oh yeah, the economic debate that will be about religion for at least 15 minutes tonight. OK, I have known quite a few Mormons in my time. With the exception of one who is a creepy, philandering, lying, hypocrite lib, who left the LDS because he could not live by its tenants, all have been fine up standing CHRISTIANS.

Yeah, that’s right CHRISTIANS. They believe that Jesus Christ was the living son of God and the only way to God is through his only Son.

Hey wait a minute. That sounds an awful lot like Christianity. Yeah, it is. It gets a bit tricky when the Mormon once accepted practice of polygamy, which ended in 1890, and the founder of the LDS Joseph Smith are introduced. Some believe that Mormons worship Smith. Smith is no more a god to Mormons than John the Baptist is to Catholics.

So what’s the big deal? The Republican front runner is a Mormon. That’s the big deal for the MSM. So here’s the opportunity for the MSM to rip the Republican front runner on a subject that they totally ignored in the last cycle. Now when you stop to think about it, the MSM writing about a particular candidate’s religious beliefs would be sort of like cooking host Rachael Ray talking about the flaws of blitzing a couple of linebackers while running a cover two defense in the NFL. She probably doesn’t know a thing about it.

But when has not knowing what you’re talking about ever stopped the MSM? Dan Rather anyone? Besides, this is just too juicy to pass up. Expect Herman Cain to knock it out of the ball park. Expect Newt to be the one to turn the table on the questioner as in, why absolutely no interest in the P-BO’s race baiting, anti Semite preacher in the last cycle but questions about Mormonism now? And if you want to take it one step further, why aren’t you asking the Senate majority leader Scrawny Harry this war is lost Reid these questions? He’s Mormon.

Winners tonight will be Herman, Mitt and Newt. For Cain and Romney this is right in their wheel house. Don’t get the “I’ve run a business before” line in the drinking game tonight.  Romney and Cain will be using it like a club on the other candidates at every opportunity. You’ll be passed out in the corner in 30 minutes. Newt will be a winner because he will be the smartest guy in the room.

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