Friday, October 14, 2011

They protest "the man" by supporting "the man"

There is something odd going on. The Cincinnati Bengals being 3-2, five games into the season for sure, but something in addition to that. There are these occupy this and that demonstrations going on all over the country. One is supposed to take place in Ft. Wayne this Sat. I may go downtown with my rainbow wig and John 3:16 sign; or some other sign:
I support clean liquid hydrocarbon fuels (AKA petroleum)
If I want it, someone else should pay for it!
If I need it, I should be allowed to take it!
If we kill the rich, who will pay my tuition?
Take half of everything the rich have!  Make 'em get a divorce!
Some damned rich guy just offered me a job!
Screw the rich, besides creating jobs, funding charity, paying 47 times their fair share of income tax, creating the greatest country on Earth, what have they ever done?

What started supposedly as a lib counter to the Tea Party has pretty much devolved into an unsanitary orgy of misfit leftists protesting everything from the scientific equation for how much filth can be piled onto an acre of ground to the downgrade of Pluto from full fledged planet to mere dwarf planet. Hey is that politically correct? Shouldn’t it be “little planet?”

Anyway, what holds all of these misfits protesting anything and everything together? The P-BO that’s what. Yes, these misfit protesters are protesting against “the man” by supporting “the man” - our own misfit president, who historians will no doubt down grade to a dwarf president some time in the future.

They are against Wall St. corporations but for the P-BO who took over two massive Corps himself, GM and Chrysler. They are against the banks but support the P-BO who as Sen. B-HO supported the government bail out known as TARP. They are against the war(s) but for the P-BO who continues the old ones and starts new ones. They are against G’itmo but for the P-BO who promised to close it but hasn’t and won’t. They are for clean water but refuse to use it to wash or clean their clothes. They demand we respect the environment then proceed to create a toxic waste heap in the middle of Manhattan. Weird huh?

Yes it is, but remember that consistency is the hobgoblin of people who are not hypocrites like libs in general and the P-BO, Slowest Joe shovel ready Biden, Grand Fran Nan Pelooser who once famously called the Tea Party a Nazi Astroturf movement in particular. It makes perfect sense for these morons to “rage against the man” while supporting “the man’s” reelection efforts. After all, if you want hope and change, you keep voting for the same guy, right?

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