Monday, October 24, 2011

This war can still be lost

As usual there are about a 1,000 things the P-BO is screwing up simultaneously, so where to begin? Let’s get out of Iraq by Christmas. Many are under the illusion that this is the P-BO fulfilling a campaign promise. Wrong. That was get out of Iraq in a year. After the coronation, the P-BO reverted to President Bush’s policy. And we’d still be in Iraq after this year and for who knows how long, if this bunch of inept doofuses could have negotiated a SOFA agreement. They couldn’t. So the next best face saving move is to leave altogether. Sort of like the old routine, “You’re FIRED!” “OH yeah? You can’t fire me, because I quit!”

Scrawny Harry about summed this move up when he revised his “this war is lost” comment to “we can still lose this war.” Way to go Barry. You’re doing a heck of a job.

The big problem here is not Iraq. It’s the neighborhood. Syria and Iran need to be watched. I’d be much happier if we had a toe hold in the area.

But welcome home GI Joe’s and Jane’s. Have a great Christmas. But I wouldn’t unpack your sea bag right away. Something tells me you’re going to be headed back soon.

Much to the slowest of all Joe’s dismay, it turns out the Demo-Dopes support rape and robbery. Senate Demo-Dopes couldn’t get the P-BO’s budget stimulus through the senate on Fri. Yes after lambasting the Reps as soft on crime for not passing the P-BO’s crime fighting stimulus, Slow Joe shovel ready Biden is now faced with explaining why senate Demo-Dopes wouldn’t pass the bill.

And for anyone who thinks this page occasionally crosses the line when referring J-O-B-S is three letter word Biden, dig this:

Dagen McDowell, appearing on a Fox News panel with Neil Cavuto and several other guests, said she took issue with the “scare tactics” the White House has been employing to get the bill passed.

“They’re lecturing and hectoring,” McDowell said. “President Obama said in July, and I quote, ‘part of the problem with the political process is folks are rewarded for saying irresponsible things to win elections or obtain short-term political gain’ — and then you’ve got Numb Nuts out on the campaign trail talking like, he’s talking out of his backside.”

Of course she’s in big trouble for stating the obvious truth.

Meanwhile over in the NFL, Merril Hoge is in deep, deep, deep depression. Tim Tebow had the most unlikely – miraculous? - of come backs in NFL history covering a 15 point deficit in just three minutes. Tebow's post game interview, which started with a shout out to Tebow’s giver of life and Savior, the Lord, Jesus Christ and ended with a God bless, has the “separation of church and NFL” crowd going nuts. Expect a court challenge on network interviews of Tebow by week’s end.

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