Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's the libs who don't trust, won't use science

There is a common misperception among the lemmings in the MSM and dunderheaded libs, (Yeah, sure as if there were any other kind) that conservatives are the anti science crowd. Like thinking government taxing and spending is a better solution than private investment and capitalism and as usual, they have gotten it exactly backward.

The claim about conservatives being anti science generally comes from two issues. First is global warming or cooling depending on the decade, or “climate change” for those too lazy to keep track of which direction the global thermometer is headed in any particular decade. The smug know- it-all AlGore types insist that the debate is over. The science is settled. They are even foolish enough to call people who might disagree “flat Earthers” when ironically it was probably the flat Earther’s who were the first ones to use the phrase, “the debate is over.”

And really given all of the lies, cover ups, bogus modeling, and just plain incompetence associated with climate warming/cooling/change crowd, should anyone be claiming the debate is over? You would make such a claim only if you were so unsure of yourself that you didn’t want to debate. You know, if I was 100% sure about something, I be looking to debate anyone and everyone. AlGore, the ugly, pasty, over weight face of this charade, won’t debate anyone on the subject he’s supposedly 100% sure about. Now certainly not sure enough about it that he’s willing to make a single life style sacrifice himself you understand. Although, he is willing to buy carbon off sets– from himself - to atone for his own corrupt life style that he claims is destroying the planet. Every time he hops a private jet, he takes $10 out of his right pocket and puts it into his left. And it’s always the same $10 bill.

Conservatives are pro science on this issue. They are willing to find the flaws in the models and re-run the tests. They are willing to move the data collection stations off of air port tarmacs and away from air conditioner discharge units and see what the accurate data says. They are willing to debate what a one degree change in the Earth’s temperature over 100 years really means and what, if anything, should be done about it. It’s the anti science left who just wants to fall back on the old “the debate is over” so let’s destroy the American economy, drive electric car and screw in environmentally unsafe light bulbs across the globe.

The point is that debate in real science is never over.

The next issue that the oh so smart libs mock conservatives about with regard to science is religion. The left it seems fancy themselves people science rather than “people of faith.” Well consider this:

20,880,468,000,000,000,000,000 to one. That is the chance that anyone of us has of being here. That number equals 23 (the number of human chromosomes) to the 23rd power.

584,088,921 that is the number of miles the Earth travels around the sun each year on an elliptical course that combined with

A 93 million mile average radius from the sun and

A 67,108 MPH orbital speed and

an axis tilt of 23.5 degrees gives us our year and our seasons

Now 7,917.5 miles is the Earth’s diameter. That figure combined with a rotational speed of a 1,070 MPH gives us our night and day.

Ponder those numbers for a minute…..

Time’s up. I submit that, given the numbers and the vastness of the universe, that if even one of those numbers were off by even the smallest fraction, life on Earth would be impossible. In my mind, it takes much more “faith” to believe that this whole thing occurred by happenstance than by design. The chances of this happening by accident is about the same as dropping a package of uncooked spaghetti on the floor and it magically forming all 26 letters of the alphabet in order.

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