Thursday, October 27, 2011

OWS riots & the Super Committee

Yeah, sure, like anyone with a brain couldn’t see this coming. There were riots in Oakland, CA over the weekend when police cleared the 99% from their occupy camp site. Really, after you let them stay the first night, did anyone in city government really expect that they would have a George Bush moment, declare “Mission Accomplished” and fly off the aircraft carrier on their own?

Now what do suppose is going to happen in other cities being occupied by the 99%? Actually, when you look at the video, it’s pretty funny how easy it was for the 1% to run the 99% off, don’t you think? But NYC is being occupied and the Nanny Mayor there is saying stay as long as you like. How’s that working out for you Mike?

But the really, really hilarious part of all of this is that it’s Demo-Dope mayors being the villains here. Oakland was the city where mayor Moonbeam Jerry Brown was in charge. Now his successor twice removed, some chick named Jean Quan, is in deep doo doo for trying to restore order in the city. So the Demo-Dope mayors in cities like Atlanta, NYC, hell even Ft. Wayne are faced with a true dilemma, act like Demo-Dopes and allow protestors to crap on police cars or act like republicans and enforce the law. Damn, what to do?

The big equalizer in all of this will be winter. Let’s see how many of these heroes want to stay out occupying when it’s 32 degrees and raining. Just watching it from a distance, I see a good many fair weather soldiers in the crowd.

And there is further proof that the P-BO is a clueless jerk. On the Leno show he lumped the Tea party in with the OWS losers. Oh, yeah, sure now I remember that picture of granny defecating on a police car. I remember grandpa shouting eff the USA. Yeah sure they are exactly alike. What a clueless buffoon.

Now on to the Super Committee. Did anyone think that a committee that included Cambodian war hero Francois Kerry would be able to get past the endless stories about his Cambodian exploits to actually get their work done?

This guy is exactly what is wrong with congress and DC in general. Here’s a lying sack of crap sitting on a committee that is supposed to save the country from ruin. There probably aren’t a dozen people in the entire body that I’d trust with that endeavor. And think about it, the 535 turn their responsibility to govern over to a chosen dozen. I cannot see me supporting that proposition even if I were chosen as one of the dozen.

Then to make matter worse, they install triggers that are automatically pulled if the committee can’t get past another fake war story from Francois about how he single handedly pulled Kadaffy from a drain pipe, slapped him around, beat him in a rubber match of cribbage, drank him under the table after truffles and half a bottle of vintage Dom Perignon and woke up naked, face down in the desert with a hang over and Kadaffy’s dead body on top of him. Now, try to get that mental image out of your brain before lunch.

The whole problem with the DC crowd is captured in the photo above. The fix is in. They are birds of a feather. Only the most stalwart among them stand for the people anymore and they are far and few between.

If you doubt me on this ask yourself, how did you feel after 2010 election? Great, right? How do you feel now? After a sweeping victory, nothing much changed. The photo captures why. They are all buds. The Rep leadership is pretty much the same as the Demo-Dope leadership. The Dopes want to drive the car off a cliff at 100 mph and the Reps want to drive it off at 60 mph. Either way, we’re screwed.

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