Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pay attention!

It all happening right before our very eyes. A governor of one of the states seriously proposes the suspension of elections. Bev no really I’m not a brain dead idiot Perdue Governor of NC advocated for the suspension of election. Sedition? No. She’s a Demo-Dope so she can pretty much do and say anything she wants without so much as a, Huh?, from the MSM.

Jesse Jackson jr. (I guess the jr. would make him Hymieville instead of Hymietown) has the added advantage of being black. Not only can he say anything he wants without being challenged, the MSM will actually try to make him appear to be smart when he says stupid things. So when he calls for the P-BO to use “extra constitutional means” to achieve an end, it’s not sedition. Hey, idiot! You took an oath to support and defend the constitution. Oh, that’s funny, an oath from a lying sack of crap Demo-Dope. No doubt he mouthed those words with all of the sincerity of a pedophile saying, “Hey kid, you want some candy?” Sadly jr. is just playing off the P-BO’s own comment about “using ‘administrative means’ to go around congress” to pursue his goals.

Then there’s the story of the really, really small Billy Maher saying that someone ought to throw a brick through Rupert Murdoch’s window. Nice. Nothing like calling for violence against those who might have a different view than your own. Now if someone ever threatened tiny Billy, you can bet he’d be pressing charges in a second. He’s a spineless punk.

Then you have Soros funded rent-a-mobs “occupying” several key cities whining about something. No one can really put their finger on what these miscreants really want. Probably nothing, really. They just want to be out protesting.

Then you have union thugs joining the rent-a-mob. Notice how they are always billed as “hard working” in MSM? But how many days do you get off to protest? We saw them demonstrating in WI and now in major US cities. I don’t think they can be all that “hard working” if they don’t have to go to work.

Then add into the mix a lying, incompetent and worthless Attorney General looking out for “his people” and you’ve got trouble.

OK class pull out your math books. Let’s do some addition.

One Demo-Dope governor calls for suspending elections +

One Demo-Dope Congressman calls for the use of “extra constitutional” means to get what he wants +

Little – minuscule really - Billy Maher calls for throwing bricks through people’s windows +

Established rent-a-mobs “occupy” key US cities +

Union thugs are joining the rent-a-mob +

A lying, incompetent and worthless Attorney General =

Some sort of validation of one or more Lex’s conspiracy theories.

You want to know what really, really, really pees me off though? I don’t care. I’m telling you anyway. I’m sick of hearing how smart all these people supposedly are. The P-BO and Eric the wad Holder are soooooooo smart, sooooooo intelligent, playing chess while everyone else plays checkers. Look at the mess these geniuses have created. If these guys are the smart ones, I’m happy to be the dumb@$$ in the room.

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