Monday, October 17, 2011

Knowing so little, the P-BO is with 99% of the protesters

The P-BO has embraced the 99%. The 99% would be those of us who have at least three fingers or toes at the end of at least one of our feet or hands. Seriously, can you think of anything else that 99% of any group has in common? OK, well yeah, 99% of "the 99%" are morons.  OK you win.

I think the P-BO is having a bit of community organizer envy. Having spent most of his community organizing days ordering pizza for the midnight basketball league in Chicago, like everything in his life, the P-BO was pretty much lazy and below average at his one true calling, organizing a community. Now this mob of misfits shows up and the P-BO must be thinking to himself – damn, now that’s community organizing.

This guy is the face and intellectual driving force behind the movement. This is the movement’s anthem.  Given this kind of exposure, some in the media are surprised that the P-BO has taken the movement under his threadlike wing. Who is SURPRISED that the P-BO supports a group whose anthem is “F*&K the USA?” How far is it from the P-BO’s Rev? G-D-ing the USA to these freaks F-ing the USA? Not too terribly far in my mind. And what do the two have in common? What they have in common is stated in the post under – the P-BO.

Then there are lib brainiacs Jeneanne Gawdawfullo and Sean anyone seen the bung plug for my row boat Penn battling with the guy in the first video for intellectual supremacy in the lib movement. Penn dropped this line on some CNN show few watch:

“What I call the ‘Get the N-word out of the White House party,’ the Tea Party”

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You know Sean, if by N-word, you mean nit wit, numbskull, national disgrace, ne’er-do-well, nappy headed dope, knot head, know nothing, you’re probably right. I’m with the 99% that believe that N-word should be removed from the WH.

But right now, I’m with the 99% that think that I should have another cup of coffee and an apple fritter.

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