Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Some spring cleaning for the Islamo-Terror-Fascists

Hey how about that Arab Spring? It’s all holding hands and singing Kumbaya now that Mubarak’s in the stock, right? Well not exactly. The military is still in charge and elections are no where near. Oh, yeah, and the radical Islamo-Terror-Fascists are killing the Coptic Christians.

Well as everyone knows, what better time to do a bit pruning than in the spring? Right? So the ITF are just pruning away those pesky Christians who are under the illusion that Muslims are interested in coexisting with anyone else.

But you know who I feel sorry for? Yeah, sure the Coptic Christians being run over by Egyptian military vehicles that we’re paying for, but also all of those obnoxious, self- important rubes who think that they have the inside track on sensitivity and tolerance because they put a stupid bumper sticker on their car.

Here’s the challenge I have for every one of them. Go live in the Middle East for a year. I can pretty much guarantee that after a year in Egypt or just about anywhere else in the Middle East, the coexist lame brains would be scrapping that idiotic piece of vinyl off the back bumper of their Prius or Volvo within the first 30 minutes of their return.

Here’s a simple truth. You cannot coexist with someone who wants to kill you. You cannot coexist in a cage with a hungry lion. No matter how forcibly to assert your intention not cause the lion any harm, sooner or later the lion will kill you and eat you.

Now if you enter the cage with a gun, you might as well kill the lion at the first opportunity, because the end result will be that one of the two of you are going to be dead at the hands of the other. Coexisting is not an option.

Now if you’re the P-BO offering advice to man in the cage with a lion, you’d tell the man to cut off one of his legs and feed it to the lion. After all the lion has to eat too. Then after the lion finishes off the leg, the P-BO tells the man to cut off one his arms. After all, the man has two. And since the lion means the man no harm, he really doesn’t need two arms. Then when the lion finally kills the man and devourers him, the P-BO shrugs and laments that the man pushed the lion too far by trying to occupying the far corner of the cage.

Israel is the man in the cage with the lion.

Janeane Gawdawfullo

While watching the debate last night, I recalled this remark from lib super hyper genius Janeanne Gawdawfullo:

"Herman Cain is probably well liked by some of the Republicans because it hides the racist elements of the Republican Party.”

That reminded me of another great lib thinker, Dean Wormer of Faber College, where “Knowledge is Good,” from the movie Animal House. When Wormer places Delta House on probation, he’s reminded that they are already on probation. He then places them on “double secret probation.”

So yeah, we’re not only racists, we’re double secret racists, because we support a black guy. No, it doesn’t make sense to people with brains, but no one in Hollywood, public sector unions or the Demo-Dope Party are encumbered by rational thought so it all makes perfect sense. Sort of like telling the guy in the cage with the hungry lion to “coexist” by cutting off one his legs to feed to the lion.

Oh and the debate, Romney, Cain and Gingrich just as predicted.

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